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Pros / This program has a massive loop library with the ability to adjust the pitch of each loop.

Cons / It doesn't operate on Mac operation systems.

 Verdict / Magix Music Maker is good for those with limited music knowledge to dip their toes into the audio production world.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Magix Music Maker 2016 provides a large library of sounds and loops. The drag-and-drop format to create musical compositions makes this audio production software fun and easy to use. If you are looking to create your own sounds, Music Maker Premium 2016 comes with 17 virtual instruments that can create a multitude of sounds. This audio production software has the tools to earn our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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  2. 2  Magix Music Maker Premium
    20.0 Plugins
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  4. 44.0 Plugins
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    57.67 Plugins


The main strength of this music creation software is its large library of loops. Music Maker Studio, the introductory version of the software, comes with 2,000-plus loops. The Premium version comes with over 6,500 loops ready to be dragged and dropped into the arrangement window. The loops cover an array of styles, including funk, hip-hop, reggae and techno.

One of the cool features in the loop library is the pitch changing buttons. Any loop within the library can be transposed to a different pitch. It also allows you to use the same loops in different keys.

When you drag and drop loops into the arrangement window, a track is automatically created with an icon indicating the type of instrument being used. Loops can easily be pieced together by snapping them to one another. If you overlap one loop with another, the loops will automatically crossfade one into the other. You can create an entire song with the loops alone in a matter of minutes once you become familiar with the software.

The electronic music software comes with a large variety of virtual instruments that can be used in a number of ways. We recommend using a MIDI controller to record the virtual instruments, but if you don’t have a MIDI controller, you can use your keyboard to do so. Many of the virtual instruments come with a decent number of presets. The presets are a quick way to adjust the sounds and textures produced by each virtual instrument. The included virtual instruments are drum machines, synthesizers and sample creators.

One of the most fun virtual instruments to use is the Vita Sampler. This instrument allows you to quickly chop up a piece of audio into little samples. Each colored square corresponds to a piece of the audio that has been highlighted and sampled. This tool can help you quickly create interesting samples from a single audio file.


This PC music software is not limited to loop and MIDI production. You can record live instrumentation as well. The arrangement window allows you to create an unlimited number of tracks. Loop recording is easily achieved by selecting a range with the yellow bar above the arrangement window. Your recordings will automatically loop between that range.

The Music Maker transport is displayed in the middle of the interface between the arrangement window and the sound pool. The taskbar is bare but simple to use. The transport is home to the recording information, metronome, a button to activate the mixer window, and a peak meter. It's one of the simpler transports to work with, but Magix is about making music as simple as possible.


The mixer window does not directly feature any equalization knobs. You can add EQs to the insert effects or use the master effects suite for multi-band equalization. In our experience with the software, we were only able to insert two effects per channel on the mixer. This is fewer than the top music production software that we reviewed. You can also only add two send effects via the channel mixer, which is also limiting.

Music Maker comes with a mastering suite that can add the final polish via EQs and compression to get your songs ready to be published. Once you put the final touches on your songs, you can quickly upload them to YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud or email.

The mastering suite has a new automatic mastering feature. It is basically presets within the mastering suite to emulate certain styles of mastering. There are a handful of different mastering styles such as big band, rock and roll, '70s and others. Each one has its own tonal qualities and makes the finished product sound a bit different.

Help & Support

An array of video tutorials are available to get you moving along with Music Maker. Along with video tutorials is an in-program manual in case you have any questions pertaining to your software. You can also visit the user forum for information. Music Maker is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7 but not with Mac operating systems.


Magix Music Maker Premium 2016 makes it easy for most novice users to create music quickly. The loop library is huge, and with the ability to change pitch, you can create flexible loops that add different flavors to your music. On top of virtual music creation, this software doesn’t limit live instrumentation recording, which makes this music making program shine in the entry-level market.

Magix Music Maker Premium 2016 Visit Site