Pros / It has a giant loop library and unlimited recording capabilities.

Cons / It is only available for Windows operating systems.

 Verdict / Mixcraft 7 is essentially everything you'd expect from a professional DAW, but in an introductory level version.

Mixcraft 7 is affordable entry-level audio production software that offers unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, plugins and virtual instruments. This program is every bit as functional as the professional version, but it's less expensive and still loaded with a ton of features. This music creator software just edges out the competition for our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award because it has so much to offer for an introductory audio production program.

The program isn't gargantuan like some DAWs. It only requires 185MB of storage space to download the file. You also don't need a super-fast or new computer to operate it efficiently. You should have 2GB of RAM and a CPU with at least 1.5GHz speeds. The download, installation and setup take a few minutes at most.

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Mixcraft 7 is a stronger and more powerful version of Mixcraft 6 on almost every level. The previous home studio version of this software allowed 16 audio and virtual instrument tracks. The previous version featured an outdated interface with a white background wave editor that was not appealing. Mixcraft 7 put to rest its underperforming predecessor with a bigger and better set of tools, along a new audio engine and a much more appealing interface.

One of the most noticeable improvements of this music creation software is the upgrade of the audio engine. Mixcraft 7 can now operate in 32-bit and 64-bit programs. The most powerful audio engine available is the 64-bit engine. Using a 64-bit system adds a number of advantages to producing music. The 64-bit engine can handle large audio projects with little latency and can provide headroom for your audio recordings.

The performance track is another new addition to Mixcraft. The performance track allows you to make music by dragging and dropping clips of audio into the performance pad. When you click on the pad the audio will play along with the audio in the arrangement window. This lets you improvise sounds on the fly. It’s a fun new addition that helps bring this music software out of the studio and onto the live stage.

This PC music software includes 15 different virtual instruments to choose from. What makes these virtual instruments even more valuable is that they are loaded with presets. You can find many different sounds and tones within a single virtual instrument.

Mixcraft 7 also possesses a large loop library. There are over 7,000 pre-made loops and sounds that are ready to be added to your musical production. Large loop libraries can help beginning users quickly piece together loops and create original pieces of music.


This music production software provides a music recording canvas without restrictions. You can add an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks to your arrangement window. This is far less restrictive than other audio software that we reviewed. Some programs only allow a handful of audio and MIDI tracks per session.

Mixcraft has made a handful of improvements in the recording department. Multiple automation lanes can now be viewed in the DAW. This is a big victory to launch this program from a low-level music recording program to a serious DAW. Many, if not all other DAWs have multiple automation lanes – automating parameters like volume, panning and others are a huge step in the right direction for Mixcraft.

Mixcraft has also upped its MIDI keyboard compatibility. There are few things worse than purchasing a MIDI controller only to find out it's not compatible with your software. Mackie and Novation MIDI controllers are now compatible with Mixcraft 7.


The layout of the mixer is pretty basic. You'll find a three-band equalizer above the panning and leveling meters. The channel strip allows you to add unlimited inserts and sends. Some entry-level DAWs are as limited as two sends and inserts per channel. This gives you an idea of how unrestrictive Mixcraft is compared to other introductory music creation programs. 

This software has a large, continually growing list of plugins. Virtual amplifiers, compressors and EQs can be applied to the channel strips to amp up the sound quality of your audio. Be aware that some of the plugins from the Pro version of Mixcraft 7 are not available on the introductory version. This is virtually the only difference between the two products. Regardless, Mixcraft starts you off with an impressive group of plugins.

Help & Support

Mixcraft 7 is only available on PC platforms. It's not compatible with Mac operating systems. This is the biggest downfall of the software. We hope this program will soon become available on both Mac and PC platforms.

If you need additional help with your software, you can visit the manufacturer's website and check out the user forums and video tutorials. The video tutorials can be especially helpful for novice users to figure out the ins and outs of the software. The website has a compressive video tutorial layout that covers things such as working with the loop library, recording and adding virtual effects and MIDI instruments as well as producing music.


Mixcraft 7 has made all the necessary steps to be top-tier audio production software. This PC-only software offers unrestricted recording capabilities and a handful of production tools to help novices create polished audio tracks.

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