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The Best Beat Making Software of 2017

Create Monster Beats With Beat Making Software

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The Best Beat Making Software of 2017
Our Ranking Beat Making Software Price
1 Cubase Elements $89.99
2 Magix Music Maker Premium $99.99
3 Logic Pro X $199.99
4 Mixcraft 7 $89.95
5 Reason Essentials $72.14
6 FL Studio $199.00
7 Studio One $99.95
8 Ableton Live $99.00
9 ACID Music Studio $59.95
10 Sequel 3 $99.99
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Beat Making Software Review

What Can Beat Making Software Do For Me?

The great thing about beat making software is that you don't have to be a seasoned musician to take full advantage of the program and its tools. Making your own beats can be as simple as dragging and dropping loops together to create full songs. Although most of the software in our lineup has the ability to record external instruments, you can create full songs without knowing how to play an instrument.

Owning beat making software is the first step to creating your own studio. Today, as long as you have music creation software, a computer and a MIDI controller, you can make your own music and songs in your own home. Creating your own studio has two main benefits: you can create music whenever inspiration strikes you and you get to save money by not having to book expensive studio time. Investing in beat making software will save you hundreds in the long-run.

Three of the best beat making software we reviewed are Cubase Elements 7, Magix Music Maker Premium and Logic Pro X. These exemplify powerful, comprehensive programs that offer strong production qualities including large loop libraries and many plugins, along with robust recording capabilities. All of the software we reviewed not only represents the best beat making software available, but each one is an affordable option to get your home studio up and running. For additional information regarding this topic, check out our learning center for articles on beat making software.

Beat Making Software: What to Look For

Strong production capabilities are the most important factor when searching for the right software for you. Inexperienced users should look for software that is easy to use, boasting a large loop library and a large number of virtual instruments. If you are a seasoned musician, you'll want to put more emphasis on the recording capabilities of each software. The best beat making software is evaluated on the following criteria:

Premade loops are a quick way for a novice beat creator to begin making full songs. A large library of loops helps jolt creativity by supplying an array of loops of different styles and instruments that are ready to be pieced together.

Virtual instruments are instruments within the software that can be used to create different instrument sounds and tones. To take full advantage of virtual instruments, it is best to use a MIDI controller. This is a piece of hardware (like a keyboard) that plugs into your interface or computer that is used to control the software instrument. Software with many virtual instrument options allows your creativity to flourish by providing you with the instruments to create unique sounds.

Plugins are equally as important when researching the right beat making software for you. Plugins are effects that you can use to change the tone and texture of your audio. The more plugins there are, the more creative you can get with your sound. Pay attention to plugin format compatibility. You can expand your plugin library with plugin expansion packs that you can purchase separately as long as they are compatible.

Recording external instruments can be a crucial aspect of beat creation. Being able to play and record a real guitar or drum set can make all the difference to bring your songs to life. You'll want to find beat making software that doesn't have restrictive recording capabilities and that allows you to edit MIDI data with a MIDI editor.

Beat software that boasts multi-band equalizers helps you dial in your music to sound exactly how you want it to. You can also use insert effects and send effects to each audio channel. Insert effects include effects like delay and dynamics. The more insert and send effects you can add to a channel, the more options you have to create unique sounds.

Help & Support
You will want to make sure that the software is compatible with your current operating system. Video tutorials help you learn the ins and outs of new software. Companies that offer email support can help you answer any of your questions or concerns.

Whether you are a seasoned musician or a novice at creating music, music making software is a step in the right direction to creating and recording unique songs and creative masterpieces. Using this software can help unleash your inner musical creativity.