Pros / The virtual instruments sound like their real-world counterparts.

Cons / It is only available on Mac operating systems.

 Verdict / This Mac-only software is a goldmine of production tools that give a real-world feel and sound to digital music.

Logic Pro X, made by Apple, features some of the most intuitive and powerful production capabilities compared to the other programs in our beat making software lineup. The virtual instruments sound authentic, and there is a large loop library at your disposal. Logic Pro X is one of the most well rounded of the beat creation software we reviewed, and it earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Logic Pro X has come a long way from previous versions of Logic in the past. Logic Pro X has a much smaller price tag and is far more powerful and easy to use than Logic of days past. This Mac-only software is certainly trending in the right direction.

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  2. 3  Logic Pro X
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    4004.63 Loops


The virtual instruments and artificial intelligence within Logic Pro X are nothing short of stunning. Logic's virtual instrument prowess is especially displayed within the drummer track. The drummer track is a session drummer for your project. You can select a drummer from a short list of virtual drummers, and each drummer has individual playing characteristics. The great thing about the drummer track is that each drummer adapts and caters to your playing style. In most recording cases, you would record the drums first and then record other instruments by playing along with the drums. The virtual drummer in Logic Pro X will adapt to the recordings so the drums have a natural feel and rhythm to them. The drummer track is truly an impressive part of this software.

The other virtual instruments, such as the B3 organ and the guitar amp simulators, sound authentic and accurate compared to their real-world counterparts. You can plug your guitar straight into your interface or soundcard and have many different amp tones at your fingertips including tones from Blackface, tweed and gain-driven amps. For those who hold high value in the quality of a program's virtual instruments, Logic Pro X thoroughly impresses.


The workspace is nicely arranged where the transport sits fixed atop the arrangement window. The transport is clean and not cluttered with buttons or icons. The arrangement window can hold up to 255 audio and MIDI track per project so you can continually add new ideas to a song without running into any creative roadblocks.

Logic Pro X has one of the best MIDI editors available. Double-clicking on MIDI data in the arrangement window will open the MIDI editor. You can make a number of edits with a single click of a button. You can quantize your MIDI, humanize it and change the velocity of the notes quickly and accurately.


You can add up to 15 insert effects and eight send effects per channel. Few other beat creation programs can match the effect flexibility that Logic Pro X offers. The mixer also includes a multi-band equalizer that sits within the mixer so you can see the equalization parameters of each channel without having to open a separate or plugin. This is convenient because all of your track information is contained in one area.

Help & Support

Through Apple's Pro Apps tab on the support page, you will find user tips and support communities as well as the manual for Logic Pro X. Logic is currently only available on Mac operating systems, unlike Cubase Elements, which is available for PC and Mac.


Logic Pro X is a goldmine of production tools. The virtual instruments within this music creation software sound like real-life instruments, and the drummer track is a powerful tool to create lifelike back-beats for your music. Logic is a little pricier than most entry-level DAWs, but it is worth every penny.

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