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Pros / This application allows you to burn new copies of encrypted commercial Blu-ray discs.

Cons / You can't compress Blu-rays to fit onto smaller-capacity discs or DVDs.

 Verdict / This software has few flaws, it works great, but the lack of compression and customization tools kept it from rising to the top of our side-by-side comparison.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Editor’s Note: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) forbids circumventing copy encryptions contained on commercial discs. The DMCA makes no exceptions for circumventing these encryptions for personal use. Top Ten Reviews does not endorse piracy or any other illegal activity.

In our review of the best Blu-ray burning software, CloneBD Blu-ray Copy claims the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award. It allows you to burn new copies of and archive your Blu-ray library with ease. It's a single module within a larger multimedia suite. You can buy the module itself or the entire suite as a whole. This Blu-ray copy application allows you to bypass copy encryptions, extract disc images and more. However, the lack of customization and compression options kept it out of the top spot on our side-by-side comparison.

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Before any Blu-ray burning software can create new copies of your discs, it must first overcome the anti-piracy encryptions contained on almost all commercial discs. CloneBD Blu-ray Copy has the ability to decrypt these discs.

Burning new copies of Blu-ray movies is only one of this program's functions. You also can extract a disc's image (ISO file) to save onto your computer's hard drive. An ISO file acts as a digital Blu-ray disc. With it, you can watch it on your computer's media player or burn a new physical copy – even if you don't have the original source disc. You can also archive these files on an external hard drive so you have access to all your Blu-ray movies if you ever break or lose them.

In our tests, it took Clone BD Blu-ray Copy 42 minutes to burn a new copy of a Blu-ray movie. The average time among all the products we reviewed was 45 minutes. And starting the process is quite simple. Once a Blu-ray or ISO file is loaded into the interface, the individual tracks are listed in the left-hand side. On the right side of the screen, you can watch the movie in the preview window. To start the copy process, simply click the Copy button above the preview window. Anyone should be able to use this software regardless of their computer skill level.


The newly burned discs made by this program are perfect copies – indistinguishable from the source Blu-ray. Our video experts watched the new Blu-ray movie and couldn't find any flaws in the film's picture or audio. Additionally, menus, bonus features and everything else on the disc worked as well as those found on the original source disc.

One of the things that kept this Blu-ray burner program out of the top spot in our review is the fact that it lacks any compression options. The best Blu-ray burner we reviewed has the ability to shrink down large Blu-ray files to fit onto smaller-capacity blank discs or even DVDs. Blank Blu-ray discs are expensive, especially larger-capacity ones. Compression options would make burning Blu-rays a less costly endeavor.


There are two Blu-ray burning options with this software. You can choose either to burn a copy of the entire disc with the "Full Movie" option. You can also make a disc with only the feature presentation by selecting the "Main Movie" option. There is a third option marked "Custom Mode" that would allow you to pick and choose which tracks you want to burn to a new blank disc, but it's greyed out when you have Blu-ray content loaded. However, this feature works when you want to copy a DVD.

Help & Support

CloneBD only has the most basic technical and customer-support options. If something goes wrong, you can either consult the FAQs section or send an email through CloneBD's official website. We'd like to see the company offer live chat as well as social-media support so customers can contact CloneBD for instant help.


There's a lot to like about CloneBD Blu-ray Copy. It burns perfect copies of your Blu-ray movies with ease, bypasses copy protections and the results are flawless. Although it ranked in the top tier of our side-by-side comparison, the lack of compression and customization tools kept it out of the top spot.

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