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CinePlayer BD with 3D 5.6.1 Review

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PROS / It offers rich social features and advanced HD and 3D upscale capabilities.

CONS / The software does not have any parental controls or power manager settings.

 VERDICT / It's a robust, multifaceted Blu-ray player that delivers outstanding playback.

Reviewer's Note: This software no longer supports Blu-ray playback. Please see our other Blu-ray player software reviews for currently available software.

CinePlayer BD with 3D 5.6.1

Offering advanced features and technology that facilitate excellent Blu-ray playback on a PC, CinePlayer BD with 3D easily captures a spot on our comparison of the best Blu-ray player software. The application is the latest multimedia player from software giant Roxio and though it may lack a few wanted features, the near-perfect software flawlessly delivers all the functionality of first-rate Blu-ray player software.

Video & Audio

CinePlayer BD boasts a smattering of modifiable features to help users achieve optimal Blu-ray output for their specific configuration. The application offers a cinema mode, specifically designed for distant viewing, and multi-language support for both audio and subtitles. Additionally, it has digital zooming, auto-resume playback, and a virtual remote control, so users can effortlessly navigate BD menus through the software interface.

These days, most PC multimedia players are outfitted with a cluster of internet features geared towards interactivity and social networking. CinePlayer BD is no exception and does an excellent job of seamlessly integrating a social element for its users. For starters, the software supports interactive Blu-ray and BD-Live features. This means users can access bonus online film content supplied by motion picture studios not stored on the actual disc. Users can also download movie trailers, upload their own YouTube videos and more.

As the Blu-ray player software's name indicates, CinePlayer BD with 3D also offers robust 3D functionality. The software is compatible with Blu-ray 3D movie and 3D DVDs, though users must have additional compatible hardware to sufficiently view 3D content.

While CinePlayer BD with 3D delivers superb, high-definition playback, it does lack a few notable features offered by other competitors. We would have liked to see parental controls and power manager settings that allowed users to optimize Blu-ray playback on a laptop.

Controls & Conveniences

The Blu-ray player software is equipped with all the premium audio features and video technology we would expect on such a robust PC player. Most notably, the software provides upscale video features in real time. Like the other Blu-ray player applications we reviewed, CinePlayer BD can convert 2D videos to 3D and standard definition (SD) to HD format.

Also similar to other superior Blu-ray player software is CinePlayer's audio and sound. The multimedia player delivers rich, high-definition output that seems on par with the studio master and gives users a stunning cinematic experience regardless of their viewing configuration.

Playback compatibility is another asset of the BD player software. The application supports playback of a wide range of SD and HD formats, including regular DVDs, BD-R/RE and lesser-known AVCHD and SVCD. Moreover, the software emits uncompressed, undiluted sound (in both standard and HD formats) by DTS and Dolby technologies.

Help & Support

One area we found rather impressive was CinePlayer BD's ease of use. The software interface is simple yet polished and extremely easy to use. In fact, while most PC players are not necessarily difficult to navigate, CinePlayer boasts an interface that is very accessible and straightforward; even the least savvy of computer users should have no issue finding their way around the player.

The single (though minor) issue we had was when you first open this Blu-ray player software, the bottom of the interface displays multiple compatibility tags – logos of hardware and other technologies the software is compatible with and supports. These logos make the display l look slightly cluttered; however, they don't hinder usability since they only appear when the application is initially opened.


Despite lacking a few features we would have expected on such a versatile player, CinePlayer BD with 3D is still top-notch Blu-ray player software that supplies seamless, smooth and superb Blu-ray playback on home PCs.

CinePlayer BD with 3D 5.6.1