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Pros / The video tutorials, eBook and other resources that provide support for this software are comprehensive and first-rate.

Cons / Architectural tools like a house wizard and wall tool are absent from this CAD software.

 Verdict / BricsCAD Classic's powerful tools make extruding 2D drawings and generating 3D drawings simple and produce expert renderings.

BricsCAD Classic is a CAD program designed with engineers in mind. Like the best CAD software, BricsCAD has all the powerful features you'll need to design 2D drawings and 3D models such as hatching tools, photorealistic rendering and a layer manager. Best of all, the support you'll find on the manufacturer's website is far superior to that of many similar products.

Design tools in computer aided design software help enhance the appearance of your crafted models. BricsCAD has 2D and 3D drawing and modeling tools such as hatching, textures and lighting effects. You can also view your designs in 2D or 3D formats as wireframes or as fully rendered objects. Despite the many included models and symbols, there aren't very many architectural tools. A wall tool and a house wizard are not included with the software.

CAD programs like BricsCAD Classic have so many tools and features, it can sometimes be hard to find your way around the interface. This software, however, has a clean layout and customizable toolbars, making it easier to use than most CAD software. You'll be able to import all of your unfinished designs or those of co-workers or teammates as BricsCAD Classic is compatible with many different file formats. A setup manager, macro recorder and command line are all convenient time-savers as well.

This CAD drawing software is predominantly for engineering prototypes and other similar designs. You'll find convenient editing tools to add text comments and to change the colors and materials of your models. A layer manager organizes the many moving parts of your complex designs.

Bricsys, the company behind BricsCAD Classic, provides many different facets of help and support. Contact methods are listed on the website as well as an online email form for technical support. Forums, video tutorials, FAQs and manuals are far superior to most CAD support programs. The online tutorial page, Bricsys TV, is an excellent resource with tutorial videos, apps and the latest stories and walkthroughs. Bricsys also provides an eBook on the website, which covers all CAD topics in-depth with helpful images and definitions.

BricsCAD Classic is compatible with the most important file formats for CAD designs. Both DWG and DXF are supported, along with DWF and STEP. For 3D printing, the STL format is also supported. If you want to save your creations as a PDF, you can do that as well.

There are two types of BricsCAD Classic licensing: one-time and yearly. Next-day technical support and upgrades are available for one year with the yearly subscription. With the one-time license, next-day support isn't guaranteed, but you will still have access to support staff and all of the other tutorials and resources.

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BricsCAD Classic CAD software is a valuable tool for creating and exporting professional-quality 2D and 3D designs and prototypes. While this 3D CAD software is somewhat lacking in architectural tools, missing a house wizard and a wall tool, its strengths help make up for this. Tutorials and powerful design and editing tools help you generate better creations quickly.

BricsCAD Classic v16 Visit Site