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Print Artist Gold 25 Review

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PROS / Print Artist Gold offers a wide selection of templates, fonts and art assets.

CONS / This software lacks advanced layout, printing and typography options.

 VERDICT / This is affordable desktop publishing software, but its pared-down features and lack of options make it feel cheap.

It's a common practice in software development to release multiple versions of a program at different price points. Less expensive versions invariably offer fewer features or extras, which is precisely the case with Nova Development's Print Artist Gold. Despite being the cheaper incarnation of Print Artist Platinum – Nova's flagship desktop publishing application – Print Artist Gold offers an identical feature set. However, it provides far fewer fonts, art assets and templates.

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Print Artist lacks industry staples such as CMYK optimization, which facilitates high-quality printing. Without master page support, assembling long-form documents can be difficult, since themes and images will not flow throughout a multipage document. And without proper typography tools – kerning, formatting styles or the ability to create tables and graphs – you're limited creatively to template-based projects.

Print Artist Gold’s primary strength is its offering of a huge selection of templates and art assets, the sheer size of which is surpassed only by its own Platinum edition. Unfortunately, those assets are outdated and largely mediocre. Some of the imagery would feel right at home on a '90s-era website. But with a selection this big, the chances are you will find templates that are suited to the task you are working on. You’ll be able to create a variety of greetings cards, calendars, banners and other published material. But even if you’re looking for a desktop software program within this low price range, there are better options out there.

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Should you purchase Print Artist Gold and find yourself in need of help, you can turn to Nova Development's online knowledgebase for answers to common questions. If, however, you need more personalized help, there's a customer service hotline you can call – for a price. Nova charges for service passes, which you must redeem with one of the telephone representatives in order to get assistance.


Next to the best publishing software available, Print Artist Gold struggles to compete. It has volume on its side, with thousands of fonts and templates. Unfortunately, they aren’t of the highest quality and, like its more expensive cousin, the Platinum edition, it lacks advanced layout, printing and typography options. Support options are also limited. You will have to pay extra for phone support if you have questions after buying the software. You will be able to use this software to create things like greetings cards, calendars and banners, but there are better options for software with those functionalities even in this price point.

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