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Print Workshop 2010 Review

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PROS / Print Workshop has an art gallery with over 7 million images.

CONS / This application has a limited number of text tools.

 VERDICT / Print Workshop does well with graphics, but falls short in most other categories.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information. 

Print Workshop 2010

Print Workshop by ValuSoft is desktop publishing software allow you to design projects for almost every occasion. You can design creative projects for home and small business using the different tools available to enhance your text and images.  We were a little confused when we saw a current year on the product's packaging, popped the program's CD into our computer and realized we couldn't do anything without keeping the disk in there.  Programs from ages ago had this problem, but most modern software installs everything onto your system so you don't have to deal with this annoyance.

Print Workshop might be more ideal for creating home-type print projects. The program has only basic functionality compared to other higher-ranked products. For example, you don't have the ability to create style sheets, insert tables or create matching stationery sets. We thought the functionality in this program reminded us more of older versions of the other programs in this category. It had a modern look and feel to it, but what we could produce using the program looked considerably dated.

Even though Print Workshop is easy to install and the control panel is easy to use, we feel that the templates Print Workshop provides aren't as professional-looking as our top-ranked desktop publishing products.

We also experienced odd loading and pausing problems with Print Workshop. These problems sometimes resulted in having to reboot the computer.

Print Workshop let's you create some great effects, including fixing flaws in photographs and correcting red-eye. You can also crop and resize images using different shapes. Don't let the number of "premium images" fool you. They aren't worth putting into your project. Some of them are blurry while the others are rough around the edges. You would be better suited creating a project from scratch rather than going through the trouble of fixing their inadequate images. The same goes for the project templates included with the program. Unless you want a project that looks several years older than it should, we recommend creating all of your projects from scratch if you decide to use this program.

Print Workshop includes a spellchecker and prewritten text to add to your projects, but the overall text tool capabilities are poor. You can add simple drop shadows and shapes to text, but with other functions (especially headline text) you're rather limited. Print Workshop can print to custom paper sizes, change the resolution of the print and send your projects to friends via email.

Print Workshop doesn't come with a user guide. It's also harder to find online support; you have to do some browsing through different pages before you can find it. The only option the manufacturer has for customers to get in touch with them is faxing your requests.


Print Workshop is limited, but worth a shot for those users who are just barely starting their journey with desktop publishing software.  Anyone who wants to create a professional looking project is going to have to look elsewhere though.

Print Workshop 2010