You can create digital art of all kinds with ArtRage Studio Pro. This digital painting software is a much more basic application than others, but it still offers plenty of features and tools. It truly shines with its input and output options and customization tools. It also has an easy-to-use interface that makes creating digital art simple and fun.

This digital art software is much simpler than many similar painting applications, but it has a vast array of drawing and painting features, including color management, canvas customization, tracing tools and layering capabilities. This software provides multi-monitor support and canvas resizing options to give you an expansive and flexible workspace. However, it lacks a mixing palette to let you blend colors and auto-painting capabilities to turn images into different kinds of paintings for you.

One of this application's standout features is its stencils. You can choose from an assortment of stencils and drop them directly onto the canvas. Once you place a stencil, you can simply draw or paint over it; when you remove the stencil, only the area inside the shape is colored – just like with an actual stencil.

ArtRage Studio Pro provides 15 different artistic tools you can choose from. These include basic drawing and painting tools such as pens, pencils, airbrushes, oils, watercolors and chalk. You also have the ability to customize each brush, which gives you more variety and options. However, these are the only artistic tools in the application. This painting software lacks many artistic tools, such as markers, charcoal, sponges and pastels.

You can load just about any common image format into this software, either as a backdrop to a painting or as a tracing reference. By default, the application saves projects in a proprietary file format that preserves the different media types. In other words, it keeps track of what is paint and what is pencil. It can export images to most common image formats, and even a few uncommon ones, including JPG, PNG, BMP, SGI, TIFF, TGA, PNTG, JP2 and QTIF. It can also export to Adobe Photoshop PSD, preserving each layer individually. However, it does not support RAW image files.

When it comes to answering customer questions, ArtRage Studio Pro does an outstanding job. Its website provides an extensive user forum where you can get feedback and advice from other users and support representatives. There are also FAQs and tutorials to guide you through some of this software's features and tools. Email support is available, but not telephone or live chat support.

ArtRage Studio Pro is a well-designed, easy-to-use digital painting program. It offers a user-friendly interface and a shallow learning curve. Because it offers features like stenciling, airbrushing and tracing, this is a great application for anyone looking to create artistic images using digital paint software.

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