Clip Studio Paint is a Japanese painting program. This software is best for manga, illustration and animation. While it does well in other areas, these categories are where this paint software performs the strongest.

With this platform, you can create lifelike drawings and cartoons. You can create scenery and backgrounds too, but Clip Paint Studio is best at creating cartoon images, so your backgrounds will not look like a lifelike image or an oil painting.

This software offers hundreds of brushes for you to choose from and is constantly adding new brushes. It allows you to extract line drawings from existing images. For example, you could input a picture of a plane and keep only the outline of this image. You can then color in the image or manipulate it however you choose. This saves you the time of sketching out every image you wish to work on.

When you draw in Clip Paint Studio, your images have the benefit of looking hand-drawn, but with a much smoother and hassle-free creation process. For example, if you have complicated lines in your image, like a character's hair, you would usually have to color this space in piece by piece. When you use the Clip Paint Studio selection tool, you can fill in these complicated lines instantly and seamlessly.

This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and it can export files to popular formats like TIF, JPG and PNG. The flexibility to save your images without losing data is an important area to consider when selecting a digital art program. 

Clip Paint Studio has a dedicated support page and active user community. You can search the knowledgebase for answers to your questions or submit a contact form to the company. If you contact the company, you can expect an answer in 3-5 business days.

Clip Pain Studio offers all the tools and resources you need to create lively cartoons and drawings. This drawing software takes the process of drawing with your notebook and transforms it into a streamlined digital process.

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