Digital painting has never been easier than it is with the Corel Painter series. This digital painting software provides outstanding quality, all while maintaining a user-friendly interface and an impressive selection of features and tools. Corel Painter features more than 700 brushes, with a wide variety of options that include watercolors, pens, pencils, chalk and charcoal. You can also easily import images into your works of art and export your paintings as a variety of file formats.

The quality and simplicity of this painter software set it apart. The menus allow you to easily find the most frequently used features. You also have full control over where the tools are located on the canvas. Because this series does not overlook the small details, the drawings that you create with it look realistic and stunning. One great feature you are sure to use is the reference image window. This window lets you place a reference image anywhere on your canvas without disrupting your workflow. This window stays open so you don't have to reopen or search through multiple open files to look at your reference. You can also take sample colors directly from the reference image.

One of the most impressive features of this digital art application is the mixing palette. The mixing palette allows you to mix paint on a palette just as you would with physical paints, combining and synthesizing colors to achieve the right tone or hue. In addition, the auto-painting tool is a highlight of this digital art application. With this feature, you can use one brush stroke at a time with the paints and stroke techniques specified to transform photos into vivid, true-to-form portraits.

Corel Painter makes it incredibly easy to find the exact brush you need with its built-in brush search engine. All you have to do is type in a brush name or style and the brush search engine narrows down the selection so you can get the best brush for your painting. You can also preview exactly how the brush stroke looks before you place it on your canvas with the visual preview. This saves you the time of undoing so many strokes.

This digital painting software also has a unique Universal Jitter feature that simulates the randomness that you experience with a real painting. This helps you produce natural-looking, organic art, further blurring the line of quality between digital and traditional media. You can add Jitter to any brush, customizing the size, angle, opacity, grain and feature levels.

You can choose from more than 700 brushes for your paintings. Whatever specific type of paint you are looking for, this digital art software has it in spades. You can try acrylic paints, oils or watercolors. The same goes for media used in sketching, drafting and drawing. You will find pencils, pens, crayons and even chalk.

Best of all, you can customize, create and save your own brushes. If you have a hard time with editing your brushes to give them the perfect custom look, the Advanced Brush Controls will save your sanity. This great tool highlights the panels where brush adjustments can be made, taking the frustration out of guessing what menu to select.

Besides traditional mouse input, this painting software provides tablet support. With this, you can paint actual strokes with texture and intensity, and make use of the wet and dry media without the cleanup and preparation. Corel Painter manages this through its impressive Wacom multi-touch program architecture, which senses the pressure and tilt of the tablet pen or your fingers, allowing the brush to respond naturally and giving the illustration an impeccably realistic appearance.

One limitation of this digital art application is the rate at which some of the brushes execute tasks. This seems to only affect larger and more detailed brushes, causing them to render onscreen more slowly than other brushes.

This digital art software sets a high standard for file format compatibility. It has a proprietary file format for its image files (RIFF) and video files (Framestack), but it can also open most other standard image files, including JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, TGA and PCX. It can even import and open Photoshop PSD files and QuickTime Movies. You can save and export images in these file formats. Painter also allows you to use your third-party plugins. This reduces the stress of losing your hard work in either program.

Even though this is a user-friendly digital painting application, Corel provides an extensive selection of support resources to help if you become stuck. The Corel website has dozens of tutorials to help you understand its full range of functions. Corel also has an active community of Painter users who can help you with immediate questions, as well as a FAQs section and knowledgebase to give you insight into the program or to troubleshoot technical issues. In case an answer from an official source is necessary, Corel offers email and live chat support for this digital art application. You can also receive support by telephone, but there is an additional cost.

The Corel Painter series provides an expansive brush set, wet and dry media palettes, and true-to-form design features. With its intuitive, customizable workflow and clean, easy-to-use interface, this digital painting software has become the hub of digital artistic production.

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