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Escape Motions Review

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Escape Motions is a small company focused on creating digital painting software that can address a range of artistic needs. This digital painting software allows you to recreate the look and feel of oil paintings or watercolors and gives you the freedom to create computer-generated images.

This art software has an intuitive user interface. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems as well as certain tablets, like the Wacom. When you create images with Escape Motions, you have access to a mixing palette, so you can create colors just as you would with an actual paintbrush. You can also add texture to the surface so it has a more realistic appearance.

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You get a wide selection of both wet and dry tools, including watercolor, acrylics, pen and ink, pastels, markers, and colored pencils. This software even creates the look of a painting. For example, you can control the wetness of the paint when you use the watercolor tool so that the paint blends and runs just like it would on a real canvas. This software does an exceptional job of giving digital painting the feeling of painting with real tools.

In case you are less interested in creating landscapes or watercolor portraits, Escape Motions provides all the tools you need for creating extreme graphics. You can create backgrounds with special effects and draw animated characters that look ready for the big screen. Escape Motions supports layering as well, so you can build depth in an image and control each layer's qualities and size. You can also add special effects to each layer. Layers and their customization give you the power to build your image piece by piece. 

You can save Escape Motions designs as PSD files or export them as SVG vector format files. You can also save images in more common formats like FPA, PNG, JPG, TIF and BMP. These many options make saving and sending your artwork easy.

This company does not offer much in the way of customer support. You can find a blog on the company website or contact Escape Motions via email. However, the website does not have extensive tutorials to help you learn and understand the painting program more thoroughly. The company does have a YouTube channel about its digital software.

Escape Motions is a unique tool that lets you create watercolor and oil painting look-alikes or graphic images and backgrounds that are clearly digitally rendered. This program gives you the tools and options you need to pursue your artistic passions.

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