Made with Mischief is a streamlined artistic tool. This digital painting software by The Foundry is designed simply so that you can start creating artwork right away. While it does not have the advanced feature set of some other products, it lets you draw with your computer just as you would with pen and paper.

Mischief's biggest draw is that you can begin using it right away. It is uncomplicated software. You simply need to open the program and start drawing, just as you would in a notepad. While this digital art software is a good tool for creating drawings and sketches, it does not allow you to emulate paintings. So if you wish to create a landscape that looks like an oil or watercolor painting, this is not the best software for you.

However, Made with Mischief is a good tool for sketching and improving your drawing skills. It's especially popular with artists who create graphic novels. This system runs without pixels or vectors; instead it offers Infinite Canvas, which allows you to zoom in as close or zoom out as far away as you like. You can use this feature to add intricate detail to your image and then zoom out to create the larger image.

You can also drop pins in the artwork. These pins instantly take you back to a certain area of your drawing. For example, if you were working on a character's face but then took a break to work on something else, you could drop a pin and be taken back exactly to the area you were working on when you are ready to pick it up again.

This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It only runs on desktop versions, so it is not compatible with iPad or Android tablets, though it does run seamlessly on the Microsoft Surface Pro series. While it does not offer the thousands of brushes that other painting programs do, you can create and save custom brushes, which gives you endless possibilities. When you are done with your project, you can save your file as a JPG, BPM, TIF or PNG, among other popular image formats. This allows you to easily save your files and send them to almost anyone.

If you need help installing or using Made with Mischief, you can view the support on the company website. This extensive knowledgebase provides detailed answers to common questions. You can also view videos of the product in action on the company's Vimeo account. If you still cannot find the answer you need, you can contact the company via a support ticket.

Made with Mischief is art software specifically geared toward those who like to draw and sketch. While it does not offer the paint options that other painting programs do, it has nearly limitless capabilities for helping you create images and sketches on your computer.

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