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PostworkShop 3 Review

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PROS / PostworkShop offers a large set of artistic tools to help you create a variety of paintings. This application also features auto-painting capabilities, texturing options and a user-friendly interface.

CONS / This digital painting software could use more support options such as a telephone number and live chat. PostworkShop also lacks annotation capabilities and tracing features.

 VERDICT / PostworkShop is an excellent application for those who are looking for a variety of features and options. The easy-to-use interface makes this application ideal for people of all skill levels, and the high quality of the paintings gives PostworkShop an edge over many similar products.

Create beautiful digital paintings with PostworkShop's extensive feature set and simple interface. This digital art software receives our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award because it provides the tools to make high quality paintings right from your computer. This application offers a large selection of brushes to create all types of paintings, such as watercolors, airbrush, oil, acrylic and more. It also features many customization tools, auto-painting capabilities and support resources. PostworkShop is a powerful and flexible application, and it has the quality and feature set to prove it.

  1. The number of artistic tools the software offers.
    Tools (More is better)
  2. 2 PostworkShop
    1550 Tools
  3. 700 Tools
  4. 100 Tools
  5. Category Average
    1473.00 Tools

Drawing & Painting Features

PostworkShop doesn't offer the large selection of tools that you will find in many competitors' applications. However, it provides all of the tools you need to create stunning freehand drawings, and it allows you to import photos and enjoy auto-painting capabilities. This digital painting software provides many of the basic features that you will find in most similar applications, such as the ability to customize colors, add surface textures, and resize and position your canvas.

This painting software provides layering tools that help you blend different artistic styles, which gives your images a whole new look. PostworkShop also features auto-painting capabilities. This tool automatically turns an image into a painting style of your choice. You can also customize the painting and add specific detail and color. This tool gives your images a unique and customized look while providing plenty of flexibility and freedom to truly make it your own.

However, there are a few features that this painter software lacks. For example, we could not find any drawing annotation tools, which would allow you to make notes on your images. Also, there is no specific tracing tool or mixing palette available.

PostworkShop provides excellent quality. You can create detailed, eye-popping images, which we were pleased to see. This digital art software is very easy to use. In PostworkShop, you are greeted by an interface that's evenly spaced to make for a more efficient workflow. To top it off, the features themselves are pretty easy to use.

Tool Selection

This digital painting software features a large selection of both wet and dry media types. There are plenty of pens, pencils, watercolors, chalk, oils and more to choose from. If you don't find a specific tool that you need, you have the option to import brushes from outside applications. The flexibility in this area is a definite plus, and individuals in the artistic community should take notice of PostworkShop because of it. Many digital painting software products make you adapt to their style, but PostworkShop opens the doors and puts creativity in the hands of artists.

In addition, the quality of the brushes in PostworkShop is outstanding, and the ability to import brushes provides you with an increased level of flexibility in terms of your design capabilities. The brushes create crisp, clean lines where needed. When we switched to larger brushes, the lines came out just as they would if we had used a paintbrush.

File Compatibility

If you want to bring photos or other images into PostworkShop, you have the option to do so as long as they are in one of the following file formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TGA, GIF, TIF, PSD and ABR. It's hard to imagine that you would have an object to import that's in any other file format than the ones we just listed. Having several file formats to choose from in this area gives you the flexibility to import almost any object you desire. Additionally, there are several output formats including JPEG, BMP, TGA, GIF, TIF and PSD.

Help & Support

This painting software provides a handful of resources to help you when problems or questions arise. The FAQs, tutorials and user forum provide plenty of information about this feature-rich digital painting software. You have the ability to contact the manufacturer by email, which is a handy option. However, there is no telephone or live chat support – both of which are nice options for receiving immediate support when you need it.


PostworkShop digital painting software offers many important features for any artist to use. This application has everything you would ever to need to create the most beautiful masterpieces imaginable. If you choose this application, we think you'll be impressed with the freedom it gives you to create polished, professional-looking projects that will make you proud.