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DJ Mixing Software Reviews

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DJ Mixing Software Review

Why Use DJ Mixing Software?

The best DJ mixing software allows you to take your favorite songs and blend them together, or transition from one song to another seamlessly so there is never a break in the music. Professional and beginner-level DJs alike can appreciate the convenience and simplicity DJ programs bring to the world of mixing.

DJ mixing software can be run on most laptop computers, allowing you to bring your mixing talents on the road. In the past, professional and amateur DJs had to risk potential damage or destruction of vinyl records or compact discs in order to get the sounds they wanted. This is no longer the case. With DJ software, a laptop and a mixer, you have everything you need to create and perform on the fly, so the party never stops.

Mixing two songs together using vinyl records used to be a difficult task. It would take years to master the art of mixing records and become a professional. Today, with DJ mixing software, you can start mixing songs together without any prior knowledge and sound like a professional. The simplest, most intuitive DJ software options we reviewed are Serato DJ, Traktor Pro 2 and DeckaDance 2. These DJ programs can turn amateurs into pros, and elevate professional’s skill sets to another level.

The rankings and review articles on this site will provide you with up-to-date information on many of the top professional and amateur DJ mixing software products and related emerging technologies. For additional information on this topic, read our articles on DJ mixing software. Whether you’re a DJ looking for new interfaces and applications or you’re a music lover looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy your tunes, you’ll find the information you need right here.

DJ Mixing Software: What to Look For

The ratings and reviews on this site showcase some of the best DJ programs out there. We have done this to make the task of shopping around less stressful. We used the criteria below to provide you with a one-stop shopping option.

DJ Software Features
For most DJs, two track decks are all you will need. For the more experienced DJs, software that has four or more track decks opens up opportunities for more creativity.

The best mixing software has color-coded waveforms. Color-coded waveforms can be exceptionally helpful when you are trying to differentiate between kick, hi-hats and snares within the waveforms. Once you are able to identify the different parts in a song, you can set accurate cue points so your mix never stumbles. The best DJ mixing software has up to eight cue points you can jump to during a mix. Other features to look for in your mixing software are multiple effects banks, MIDI mapping capabilities and scratching capabilities.

Input & Output
You should look for DJ software that supplies a variety of features for importing audio files and applications for converting and improving sound quality. If you want to take your DJ abilities to the next level, look for DJ software that supports video files. Some DJ software allows you to manipulate your video and time sync it with your music, bringing your audience the full concert experience.

Help & Support
We all expect a certain level of customer service and technical support out of the software we buy. The best DJ software retailers provide email and telephone contacts as well as video tutorials. Make sure that you are looking into software that will run on your operating system. You also want to make sure your computer meets the requirements needed to run your software smoothly without any glitches. We suggest having more than the minimum requirements to ensure the best performance possible from your software.

Whether you are a professional DJ or a beginner trying to come into your own, if you follow the listed guidelines, you will come across a DJ program that is perfect for your needs.

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