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Traktor Pro Review

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Native Instruments is one of the world leaders when it comes to groundbreaking, intuitive and user-friendly DJ mixing software. Traktor Pro software has an easy-to-navigate interface. Its four track decks and remix deck are worth raving over. Whether you are a beginning DJ or a professional, this software will truly help bring your mixing skill to the next level.

The look and feel of Traktor Pro is professional but easy to use. It includes color-coded waveforms like some of the other best DJ software. This makes it much easier to spot the hi-hats, snares and kicks in the beat as well as to set accurate cue points. For the most accurate cue point settings, this DJ program allows you to zoom in on your waveform in order to be as precise as possible.

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Traktor Pro software has a remix deck, or sample deck feature, that is outstanding. The sample decks have four slots each and are designed to handle all of your loops and one-shot samples by playing them in sync with your main track decks. The most impressive part of the remix deck is it can handle up to 64 samples. Furthermore, you can run the remix deck independent of the main track deck. This means you can adjust the tempo and pitch of these samples without disrupting the main tracks, and it can even be scratched using time-coded records.

If you have all of your samples loaded and set up exactly how you want them, the contents of your remix deck can be saved as a remix set and dragged and dropped into your library. If you are starting a new mix but want to use all of those samples, you can drag the saved remix set to your remix deck and Traktor will load all of the samples and settings exactly how you saved them.

The loop recorder and your sample deck can go hand-in-hand. The loop deck allows you to record live loops and adjust them by adding effects as you please. After you have adjusted the loop to your liking, you can load it into the sample deck and use it as you please.

Traktor Pro alone does not come with time-code reading features. To get this feature, you have to purchase Traktor Scratch Pro. The scratch DJ program functions with most DJ controllers. If you already have a controller you are comfortable with, you can map your MIDI accordingly. This DJ software is versatile, to say the least. Check the manufacturer’s website for all compatible controllers. Traktor Pro supports all of the popular audio formats, including MP3, WAV, AIFF, Audio-Cd and FLAC, to name a few.

The Native Instruments website has plenty of video tutorials to get you started with your DJ mixing software, especially if you are just a beginning DJ trying to learn the ropes. You will also find downloadable user manuals available, if needed.

Traktor Pro DJ mixing software is professional, intuitive and simple to use. Whether you're new to DJing or you're already making mixes, you can benefit from using Traktor Pro.

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