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openCanvas Review

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The drawing software openCanvas from portalgraphics provides you with a good balance of tools to create and enhance digital sketches. With this art software, you have the ability to take any rough-draft sketch and add proper shading to upgrade it to a professional-looking final product. The software's intuitive interface is clear and easy to follow, but it does a few things that make it unique among drawing programs.

Using drawing software can be a little overwhelming, so openCanvas has provided the Event function, which replays your drawing process and retraces your work step by step. You have the option to send the event file to others as well so that they can view your drawing process at the speed they prefer. We found this to be a great way to introduce easy art instruction.

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This art application's strongest focus is on its range of tools. The toolbar maintains the same appearance as comparative art programs but gives you the option of a quick gradient tool to customize shading and a gradual pattern. The basic tools at first look limited, but by right clicking each, you will find alternate tools available for each sketch.

For example, if you open the brush tool in the option window, you'll see a variety of options such as creating a new brush, reverting to a brush stroke you've chosen before you edited it and saving customized brushes.

You get a great deal of features with openCanvas. This software allows for pressure sensitivity created with the use of a pen tablet. You can customize the color scheme by simply clicking on the color box and deciding how heavy or light you want the color to appear. There are also raster options if you want to manually input a number to find a specific shade.

The issue with openCanvas is that its usability suffers from its bland menu options. Although you may be able to create great-looking artwork, it won't be an entirely enjoyable experience. While using this program, we recommend that you save your work frequently because there are a few bugs with the main screen zooming in and out erratically if you click off the screen to access a different tool.

The software company portalgraphics offers little in terms of support. There are online forums available on the company's site, but the lack of FAQs and digital manuals leaves a daunting learning curve.

We consider openCanvas slightly better than a standard drawing program. Its toolbar allows you to save your customized pens and brushes. Also, the gradient tool for quick use helps you shade and color your artwork easily. If you are new to sketching software, this application will do the job for you, although there may be other programs that you would enjoy more.

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