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Real-Draw Pro Review

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Real-Draw Pro, developed by MediaChance, has a great selection of tools that assist in creating vector and bitmap objects. It specializes in the design of quality web graphics. A big focus of Real-Draw Pro's sketch software is non-photorealistic rendering (NPR). NPR styles are artistic styles that imitate traditional painting and drawing media, such as crayon, oil, watercolor and book illustration. With this application, you can change the NPR style at any time to any type of brush stroke by selecting the Global NPR side panel.

This art application has a wide variety of patterns and textures. The textures resemble hard wood, stone, water and several other natural textures. You have a great deal of clip art to choose from as well. These graphics are set as brush types. Holding down the mouse button will create a steady stream from the selected image. These can be flowers, leaves and trees, coins, cards and even Legos. Each time you click the mouse to imbed the clip art, it appears differently than it did with the previous click.

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At the bottom of the drawing software screen, there is a style panel where you can adjust the texture, transparency, bevel, shadow and other appearance elements of an object. This style panel expands – yet also limits – your options. For example, the transparency menu gives you transparency options that would be difficult to create without a preset pattern. These include striped, marbled and textured transparencies. On the other hand, it is easier to create transparent gradients in other drawing software because you can set the opacity and gradient to create the exact gradient you have in mind. This example demonstrates that the collection of features in the style panel has its strengths and weaknesses.

The liquefy feature is unique to Real-Draw Pro, so it is worth mentioning. You can blur objects and manipulate them as if they were liquid. This interesting tool can give illustrations an outstanding effect that is not available in other drawing software.

One missing feature is 3D vector objects. There are features to make a 2D object look 3D, such as bevels, shadows and 3D lights, but there is no feature that creates 3D vector objects that you can rotate and view from all angles like you can in some drawing programs.

Real-Draw Pro falls short in the area of file compatibility compared to other drawing software. The application is competitive in the number and type of file formats it can export but falls short when it comes to the file types it can import. It cannot import AI, AutoCAD, EMF, EPS or PDF files.

With four toolbars and two side panels, most of the features in this drawing software are easily accessible on at least one toolbar. Even with all these toolbars and panels, Real-Draw Pro's interface is not overwhelming or confusing. In fact, one of the toolbars is solely dedicated to helping you find your way around the drawing software. This toolbar allows you to toggle between side panels to locate a function or set the display the way you prefer it.

You can develop your skills and knowledge of Real-Draw Pro by watching online video tutorials, reading the digital manual and asking questions on the online forum. If you need technical support, you can read the FAQs page or email MediaChance, the developer of this drawing software. The developer warns that it may take more than 24 hours to answer your email because of the massive number of questions it receives.

Real-Draw Pro allows you to easily perform all the functions you are looking for in drawing software. You will be pleased with the illustrations you are able to produce with this application, as well as the software's unique features. With Real-Draw Pro, you will enhance your artistic capability and enjoy the results.

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