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Sketsa SVG Editor Review

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Sketsa SVG Editor is basic sketching software and has far fewer tools and features than some competing products. It has been pared down and focuses on the technical side of drawing software rather than a creative, learn-as-you-go method. The benefit of this program is that you can view and edit source code. That feature is typically not necessary for digital art novices, but if you are an expert at creating and editing code, you will be in your comfort zone and have greater command of your illustrations.

If you are new to drawing software, you should keep the complexity of this program in mind. For example, instead of a typical opacity scale that moves from left to right to affect size, SVG Editor only has a fill-in-the-blank field to place a specific number for the opacity. The toolbar does give you easy transform tools that allow you to scale, rotate and skew images. Each of this program's tools give you added control and manual customization to manipulate the shapes to appear exactly how you want them.

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SVG Editor lacks features that are standard in other art software applications, yet it has a few unique features that apply to your illustrations. One such feature, called the Poly Tool, takes customization one step beyond a basic quick shape tool. With the Poly Tool, you can create custom shapes and couple that with the grid and ruler to create accurate, unique shapes that few other programs would allow you to generate.

Sketsa SVG Editor has a steeper learning curve than other drawing software applications, but once you learn to navigate the application, you will appreciate the organization and user interface. There is one aspect of this application that may confuse you, though, which is that some of the software's code is visible. For example, a side panel may have a box or command labeled </radial Gradient> instead of radial gradient, or feBlur instead of filter effects blur. The developer has intentionally left the source code available so that you can directly edit it. This option gives you more flexibility if you know how to edit and create source code.

KIYUT, the developer of this drawing software, offers telephone and email support. Although this is not the widest range of support options, these are valuable communication tools. KIYUT does not provide video tutorials or digital manuals to help you better understand Sketsa SVG Editor. Without those helpful tools, you will have to learn techniques from user videos and through your own trial and error.

Sketsa SVG Editor provides something other applications do not – the ability to edit source code to create exactly the effects you intend. If this is something you can use in an illustrator, then Sketsa SVG Editor may be the software for you.

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