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Leawo DVD Copy Review

PROS / This program burns exact copies of your DVD movies and lets you select which content you want to burn.

CONS / It doesn’t have the ability to compress commercial DVDs to fit onto smaller-capacity blank discs.

 VERDICT / Leawo DVD Copy is a fine DVD burner, but it's not as useful as most of the other products we reviewed.

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Leawo DVD Copy is DVD burning software that allows you to make exact copies of your DVD movies. The burning features it has work well and are generally useful, but it was what was left out that caused it to rank at the tail end of our product lineup.

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There are three burning modes in this software: Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode. Full Movie burns an exact copy of the disc in your drive. Main Movie burns only the feature presentation, leaving off the bonus material. Custom Mode allows you to pick and choose which content you want to burn. All three modes are straightforward and are easily accessible to almost every user.

This program burns exact 1:1 copies of the contents on your disc. However, it has no capacities to compress commercial discs to fit onto smaller-capacity blank DVDs. This means that if you want to burn an entire copy of a DVD, you must use the more expensive but larger-capacity dual-layered blank discs. But you can split up the content onto multiple smaller discs using Custom Mode.

The ability to save a disc’s ISO file to your hard drive is one of the more useful features found in this software. An ISO file is the blueprint of your DVD and behaves exactly the same way a physical DVD does in the software application. This means you don’t need the physical disc to watch a DVD on your computer.

These are all useful features and they work well. However, this program lacks some of the other tools we look for in the best DVD burners – primarily the ability to compress content to fit on smaller discs. But it also surprisingly omits the ability to burn an ISO file to a new disc. This seems like an odd omission since it allows you to save that file to your computer. Instead, you’ll have to use the burner built into your operating system to make a new copy of your disc from its ISO file.


Leawo DVD Copy is a passable entry in our review of the best DVD burning software. It makes high-quality copies of your DVD movies with relative ease. It allows you to customize the new disc before you burn it, and you can create a virtual DVD by saving its ISO file to your hard drive. But it comes up short in the tools department when compared to the other products on our lineup.

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