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1Step DVD Copy Review

PROS / This program is intuitive enough for anyone to use.

CONS / It lacks the ability to save a disc's ISO file to your computer.

 VERDICT / 1Step DVD Copy isn't the best DVD burning software in our review, but what it does have makes it worth the price tag.

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1Step DVD Copy earned a spot in our review of the best DVD burning software because it allows you to burn new copies of your DVD movies quickly and easily. It doesn't have everything we looked for, but it has enough to make it useful.

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Burning a new disc with this software is simple. Once you have a DVD loaded in the software's interface, you can begin burning a new copy with one click. You have the option to either burn an exact copy of your disc onto a blank DVD-9 or compress it to fit on a smaller-capacity DVD-5. Once the burning process starts, it takes this program between half an hour and 45 minutes to make a new disc. Anyone can learn and use this software quite easily.

When a commercial DVD is compressed to fit onto a blank DVD-5, it causes significant quality loss on the burned disc. When you play the new DVD, you may see pixelation, compression artifact and motion blur. This is especially true when you watch on a high-definition television, which enhances the imperfections in the picture.

If you want to avoid this quality loss but still use DVD-5s, you can strip away content from the original disc before you burn a new copy. All you have to do is uncheck the boxes of the titles you don't want to burn before you click Start. The main feature of a commercial disc can usually fit onto a DVD-5 without compression. If it doesn't, this program burns it at a higher quality than if you were compressing the entire disc.

One of the more useful tools in this burner software is the ability to convert your DVD movies into video files that you can use on your computer. This means that you can save or sync your movie to nearly any digital device you own.

As useful as this program is, it's missing many of the tools we looked for in the best DVD burning software. This program does not have the ability to save a disc's ISO file to your hard drive. This file acts as a virtual DVD that you can use in media players or even burn a new copy without the need for the original disc. This tool would be very useful for archiving your entire DVD library on an external hard drive.


1Step DVD Copy is not the best DVD burner program you can buy, but it's a pretty good one. It burns new copies of your DVD movies effectively and can be used by anyone. It's missing some tools, but it works well enough to seriously consider.

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