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Coollector Movie Database 4.5.6 Review

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PROS / You won't have to do a lot of work to get your collection uploaded, as the software is attached to a huge database of movie details and can be used offline.

CONS / The interface focuses on providing multiple ways to search and on a video's cast rather than on uploading.

 VERDICT / While the software isn't the easiest to use in terms of getting your videos cataloged, it is amazingly user-friendly once you've got everything uploaded, as it offers terrific search functionality and lets you learn about actors and their filmographies.

Coollector Movie Database gives you the ability to browse and edit your entire movie collection in one place. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, as well as many physical and digital file formats. The DVD collection software also gives you an array of ways to upload your collection, and the developer offers lots of educational resources. Even though the software focuses on letting you search an established database of actors and movies rather than on the process of uploading movies, using it is still a pleasant experience.

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Technologically, we are in a time of video transition, which means that you likely own movies, occasionally even duplicates, on everything from VHS to WMV. The software works for both Windows and Mac OS X users, letting you view your entire video library, regardless of format, in one central place.

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It allows you to catalog your entire movie library, no matter how large it is. Its unlimited capacity has a built-in database of over 100,000 videos and is even available offline. You can enter in each movie's information manually, enter the video case barcode, or let the software scan your disc or hard drive. However, the interface emphasizes browsing an established catalog of videos rather than uploading your own. Instead of having a simple button that opens a window where you can add a video, you have to search for the correct title and version, sifting through a string of options. To search by barcode, you have to enter it manually rather than simply running the video's case through a scanner.

The software is extremely easy to personalize, as it lets you customize both the interface's skin and layout. You can back up or export your collection and even keep track of which movies you lend out. We like the built-in prediction game, as it analyzes and predicts your taste in flicks.

You have access to add every detail you can think of for a movie to your video database, such as the director, cover art and aspect ratio. The software is also capable of cataloging TV shows and can list out individual episodes and linking movies that are part of a box set. You can even view trailers right from the interface and tag each entry, making searching for something to watch on movie night a cinch.

Coollector has an impressive forum on its website, which is a great resource for learning more about the software or asking questions about it. While it's mostly other users on there, the company also responds to posts, addressing concerns. There are screenshots and tutorials on the website as well, giving you plenty to look through. You can also email the company directly.


Though better suited for browsing movies and actors than uploading, Coollector Movie Database is visually appealing and engaging. It works for both Windows and Mac OS X, and it lets you store all the important details for any video. The bevy of extra features and customer support options make using the software a fun experience.

Coollector Movie Database 4.5.6 Visit Site