Pros / It has a unique design and both automatic and manual upload options to get the most comprehensive movie information.

Cons / There is almost no help and support offered by the manufacturer of the product.

 Verdict / The lack of support and the limited number of search features make this product more difficult to use than others.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

There are some distinct advantages and disadvantages to Easy Movie Organizer. While this DVD collection software has a unique look, its lack of help and support is what really concerns us. There is little information about this product beyond what you can find on review sites and nothing directly from the manufacturer. If you don't think you'll need any support with this application, than it might be worth looking into.

There are aspects of Easy Movie Organizer that are effective but there are also several features that just felt unfinished. One of the features that we would have liked to see expanded is the search options. It would have been nice to have a more powerful tool for looking through your expansive collection of movies.

As we've seen in other DVD collection software applications, there is an option to add movies manually or automatically. All of the information is pulled from IMDb. This isn't unusual but we wanted an option to import more than just using the title of the movie. We noticed that after you’ve finished importing your DVD movie, the dialog box doesn’t close or prompt you to add another title. Subsequently, there’s nothing to indicate the upload ever took place.

One feature we liked but found disappointing is the What's New box which gives a listing of new movies coming to theaters or videos that you can add to your wish list. But upon closer examination we found that the listed titles were actually outdated and didn't show the most recent movies coming out.

Easy Movie Organizer includes some search features but compared to the higher-ranked DVD collection software applications in our lineup, it is quite limiting. You can use a simple keyword search by title, genre, actor, director or year. You can also just browse a list of your movies in the left column of the application’s interface. Easy Movie Organizer does not have thumbnail viewing.

One shining feature of Easy Movie Organizer is that is has many export options including PDF, CSV, Excel and HTML. However, we were surprised to find that this DVD collection software doesn’t have an option to back up your collection. After searching the help files we found that backups of your movie inventory list are automatically stored in a folder on your C drive.

We like the large icons along the toolbar but it feels like there should be more options there. Perhaps our biggest complaint is with the automatic upload process. While this application attempts to be an easy-to-use movie collection application, as the product name indicates, it loses some of the functionality and common features associated with DVD collection software.

This application requires you to download the additional software application ActiveX for the software to run properly. Although this isn’t the first product we reviewed that required some kind of additional software, it was the only one that told us the installation failed. However, when we exited installation, the short cut was right there on the desktop and it launched, and continues to launch, just fine.

Easy Movie Organizer’s help options entail only a user guide and online FAQs. The built-in help guide is interesting because it consists of a series of screenshots with corresponding numbers explaining what each button does. It feels more like a screenshot tutorial than a help guide.

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We like that Easy Movie Organizer is trying to break away from the other DVD collection software and blaze its own trail. However, the attempt at the moment, particularly with regard to search functionality and interface, falls short and leaves the application feeling unpolished.

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