Pros / It is the easiest software to import and update movie information with on our lineup.

Cons / It lacks any compatibility with Mac OS X.

 Verdict / This software excels in uploading video information quickly and easily, and its attractive interface and great technical support make it the best product on our lineup.

Being able to see a list of all the movies you own has a variety of perks, helping you remember which ones you own or want to buy and making it easy to show off your collection to friends and family. eXtreme Movie Manager 8 makes uploading a video collection of any size an easy task. It is compatible with a wide variety of video formats and is available for multiple operating systems. Its variety of helpful features and excellent customer service are why it earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

The software is versatile with what video formats it can accurately catalog. If you're like most people, your movie library probably spans multiple formats, including VHS, DVD, and new digital formats such as AVI and MP4. However, this DVD collection software is up to the task to get your movies cataloged and organized in one central place, no matter how many different formats you have.

While the software is only available for the Windows operating system, Mac OS X users can still benefit from it, as it is available as a mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices. The app lets you export your collection from your computer to your phone so you can view and share it anywhere.

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Database Input

Time is valuable, and if your movie collection is massive, you'll want a way to upload it all without it taking weeks of your time. Luckily, eXtreme Movie Manager has a variety of data upload methods that can catalog your collection quickly, no matter its size. It can scan your computer's hard drive or disc drive for movies, and once it finds them, it imports the video's information. You can also enter it in manually, scan a video case barcode or drop in a URL, whichever method is easiest for you.

User Interaction

There is a slight learning curve for the software, but it is barely noticeable in comparison to all of the features and advanced functionality it has. You can figure out how to use it by tinkering around for a few minutes or by using the video tutorials on the developer's website. Once you get the hang of it, it's extremely easy and fun to use. You can even install plugins to it, enhancing its functionality or look.

The interface looks clean and uses logical icons and organization, which makes it highly intuitive. It's nice to see that the software has your information's security in mind, as it allows you to protect your catalog with a password, so nobody can get in and delete or change information. It also lets you back up the data and export it if needed. The built-in loan manager feature lets you mark which movies you've lent to friends and log those friends' names and contact information.

The software is easy to personalize, too, as it lets you customize its skin and layout from a variety of choices. You can choose to view your videos as a text list of data or as thumbnails, which lets you see the cover art. It also allows you to mark whether or not you've seen a specific movie and add your personal rating to it.

Video Details

If you choose to upload your video information manually, you'll see that the movie collection software gives you a ton of options for data fields, likely more than you'll ever need. However, it is nice that the software gives you the ability to add not just basic data points, such as a movie's title, cast, director or summary, but also details like the aspect ratio, run time, world region, language, studio and MPAA rating.

Since there's a lot more out there to watch than just individual videos, the software is also more than capable of logging individual TV show episodes, providing you with the ability to add a respectable amount of information for each episode instead of treating the show as a single movie. You can also link videos that are part of a box set, like "Lord of the Rings" or "Harry Potter."

If you have a video that comes with special features, there is also a specific place for you to list each of them in any amount of detail you like. While you can't interact with or watch them from the software, having them all listed makes it easy to decide whether they are worth watching or not. You can, however, watch various movie trailers directly within the software's interface, adding to its delightful usability. To make searching your uploaded video collection easier, you can add keyword tags to any video, such as "science fiction," "Terminator," "Lupita Nyong'o" or "Joss Whedon."

Help & Support

The software's developer provides an extremely thorough wiki on the site that walks you through any action and aspect of the software, and each page typically includes screenshots and diagrams for added ease. What's more, the website has a large, active community user forum that spans all sorts of topics and categories in English, German and Italian. There you can ask questions and read information about templates, scripts, suggestions and new features, or even just talk with other users for fun. If you'd like to talk to the developer yourself, you can do so via email.


Whether your movie collection is as large as a video rental store's or is just starting to bud, eXtreme Movie Manager 8 can help you catalog your videos, making them easy to browse and enjoy. Its unlimited capacity lets you keep adding without worry, and various backup options and a loan manager protect every last video you upload. Its outstanding format capacity and customer service are just a few of the many reasons why it deserves its place at the top of our lineup.

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