Pros / It offers extensive and easy-to-export reports that help you learn more about your video collection.

Cons / It's only compatible with Windows.

 Verdict / The software is enjoyable to use and makes cataloging your video library fun rather than a chore. It is packed with beneficial features and gives you a variety of data-upload methods to choose from.

Movie Label Pro 2016 offers straightforward video cataloging with a pleasant, easy-to-use interface. The DVD collection software makes it simple to upload your videos and is fun to browse and use. Because of its outstanding interface and usability, this software heartily earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

The software is compatible with any video format, allowing you to have a central record of your entire movie library even if it spans multiple formats. Whether you're a strictly digital HD kind of cinephile or are known for your impressive VHS collection, Movie Label Pro 2016 can help you get organized. The only compatibility downside we see for the software is that it's only available on Windows, not on Mac OS X or as an iPhone or Android mobile app.

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  • Usability
  • Database Input Methods
  1. How easy the software is to use, considering the interface, data input, exporting and searching.
    Higher is better.
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    99.0 %
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  5. Category Average
    85.7 %

Database Input

No matter the size of your video collection, the software's unlimited database can fit every video you've got. It offers a variety of methods for uploading your collection, letting you find one that best suits your needs. If you only have a few videos or like to ensure accuracy, adding videos manually is the route to go. However, if your collection is expansive, you may want to consider a faster, more automatic route. The movie collection software can scan your hard drive or a specific folder within it for digital video files, automatically uploading all relevant data about it once it recognizes it. It can do the same for any disc you put in the computer's disc drive. You can also scan a video case's barcode.

User Interaction

Movie Label Pro 2016 is extremely easy to use and has a wonderfully attractive and intuitive interface. It has large icons, and the menus and features are easy to find. The software allows you to back up or restore your cataloged items for added security, though it's missing the security feature of password protection. It even keeps track of which movies you've lent out to family and friends.

You can personalize the player by changing its skin or adjusting its layout, even to the thumbnail view, for easier browsing. If you stumble upon a movie you want to own, you can mark it from the interface and add it to your wish list. It also allows you to add your personal rating to a movie or mark whether you've seen it or not.

Video Details

The software lets you easily upload any kind of detail you can think of, whether it's something basic like the movie's title, summary or cast, or something more advanced, such as the region, studio, run time, release year, aspect ratio or MPAA rating. It is easy to log individual parts of a box set or TV show episodes, and you can even tag entries with keywords for ease of searching.

Help & Support

If you have questions or issues with the software, you can email or tweet the company's technical support team. Should you not want to speak with anyone directly, you can check out the user guide or FAQs solutions on its website. However, it does not have a community user forum like some other options on our lineup do, which would let you discuss issues and ideas with other Movie Label Pro owners.


Though it is only available for Windows users, Movie Label Pro 2016 is a terrific option for cataloging your video collection without fuss. The software is easy to use and personalize, and it gives you a variety of options for how to upload your video data. Its excellent format compatibility and various customer support options are why it's one of our top picks.

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