Pros / It has ready-to-use templates that save you time while cataloging your videos.

Cons / It is only compatible with Windows operating systems, not Mac OS X.

 Verdict / It has somewhat limited operating system compatibility, and it lacks certain minor features, but it is fairly easy to use and gives you multiple options for uploading data.

Whether you want to organize your personal movie collection or to catalog videos for your business or club, Movie Organizer Deluxe 4.0 is DVD collection software that can help you get organized while saving time. It lets you add most details about each video entry and offers a wide variety of methods to get your video collection uploaded and cataloged quickly, though it lacks the compatibility and versatility of other software.

This DVD database software is a good option for Windows users; however, it is unavailable for Mac OS X users and it does not have a companion app like some other options on our lineup do. You aren't limited by video format type, though, so whether your collection has a ton of Blu-rays or is strictly digital, you can upload everything to a central location, making browsing through your library a cinch.

You can add video information manually, typing in whatever details you deem important, or you can use the built-in templates, which are simple and ready to use. What's really nice is the unlimited database capacity, so no matter how many thousands of movies, TV shows or other videos you own, you can catalog and list them by format with this software. It gives you several methods to automatically upload most video information. You can scan your hard drive folders, scan a movie case barcode or simply load a disc into your computer's compatible drive.

The software has a loan manager, which can keep track of any video from your movie library that you lend to someone. It can store names and contact information for the people you lend to as well. The software is decently intuitive and offers password protection and backup to keep your video information safe. You can personalize the software by changing its layout and skin.

While it isn't as thorough in allowing you to log every last video detail as some of the other software we tested, this program lets you include the basics, such as a movie's title, studio, cast and cover art. You can also list the URL for the movie's trailer as well as keyword tags, which make your videos easy to search for within the database.

The developer, Primasoft Inc., is easy to reach in case you have a question or concern about the software, as it has a simple online form you can fill out on its website. There is also an extensive FAQs section on the website that resolves common issues and walks you through certain aspects of the software.

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Movie Organizer Deluxe 4.0 is simple movie collection software to help you keep track of what movies you own. You can list basic movie information through a variety of methods and templates and log which movies you lend out. Though it only works for Windows users, it offers decent customer service and is a good way to simply catalog your video collection without fuss.

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