Pros / You can also download it as an app on your Android or iPhone and still enjoy full functionality.

Cons / You can only load movie information via barcode scan or manually, as it doesn't let you scan your hard drive or disc drive.

 Verdict / While the software is slightly limited in how you can upload video information, it is packed with features and offers extensive compatibility.

If your movie library includes lots of formats and you want to keep them organized and make them easy to browse, then Readerware VW DVD collection software can help you out. Though it lacks some options seen in other software, it is compatible with multiple computer operating systems and video formats, offers lots of extra features and functionality, and has terrific customer service.

The movie collection software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X, and also as fully functional Android or iPhone apps. It works with many video formats, providing you with a way to browse all your physical and digital videos in one place.

Its unlimited database means no matter how many deluxe Blu-ray box sets you buy or new digital videos you download, you'll always have a central catalog. If you just want to get your physical collection uploaded quickly, the program lets you scan the barcode on the case, otherwise you can manually enter any field of information. However, you can't upload information by having the software scan your hard drive or by inserting a movie in the disc drive.

We thought the software was fairly intuitive in our testing session. Though we didn't find it as easy to use or visually appealing as other programs on our lineup, it was not bad in any specific aspect. We liked its additional features, such as the loan manager function, which reduces the hassle of keeping track of where your movies are if you've lent them to people. It gives you a choice in viewing your collection either as a list or as thumbnails, which lets you see the cover art. For fun, you can customize the system's layout and skin and add your own rating to any movie.

With this DVD database software, you can keep track of the important details for each movie. Whether you only care about the basics, such as the movie's title, cast and summary, or you prefer to indulge your inner cinephile and view all the details, such as the studio, aspect ratio and special features, Readerware's got you covered. For TV shows, the software can easily list individual episodes. You can also assign keyword tags to any video, making your collection easy to search through if you're looking for a specific genre or decade of movies.

The company, Readerware Corporation, is easy to reach via email. It also has a decent support section on its website, where you will find tutorials and a knowledgebase. The tutorials can walk you through certain aspects of the software, and the knowledgebase is where you can get the answers you need without talking to a customer support representative. The software also offers some free upgrades.

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Though it doesn't provide as many methods for uploading your video information as other programs, Readerware VW is still quite powerful software, giving you access to a wide variety of data fields for most video formats. It works on multiple computer and mobile operating systems, and it has additional features that let you personalize the software and really connect with your movie library.

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