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WinCatalog 2015 Review

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PROS / It has open-ended data boxes, so you can add more customized details.

CONS / It doesn't have many customer support options.

 VERDICT / Though it is limited in its operating system compatibility and technical support options, this software allows you fine-tuned customization over your movie library information.

It pays to have detailed, accurate information anytime you catalog something, and your movie library should be no exception. The WinCatalog 2015 DVD collection software has open data fields, which let you add the precise details that make your collection nicely organized and easy to sift through. It has additional features that help keep your data safe and organized, and it is fairly easy to use, though it doesn't give you as much control over the catalog as other programs do.

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You can catalog your video collection regardless of format, as this software lets you add in your cherished physical video library as well as newer digital files. The software is compatible with Windows operating systems only, however – no Mac OS X or mobile companion apps.

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The nice thing about this software is its unlimited database, which removes any potential concern about running out of space for detailing your movie collection, no matter how many videos you have and no matter what format they are. Inputting video information doesn't take much time with the software, and it gives you a variety of ways to add data. For digital videos, you can tell it to scan your entire hard drive, or even just a specific folder, for videos and it will automatically help you gather information about them. It can also load details instantly from DVDs or Blu-rays you put into a compatible disc drive. You can even add information from sites such as IMDb and Amazon.

The software is relatively easy to use and has a simple yet attractive interface. It is fairly easy to navigate and offers password protection and backup options as a means to keep your data safe. The built-in loan manager function helps you keep track of movies you lend out, and the export function lets you create copies of your collection to publish or share. You can also view your videos in a list or as thumbnails.

No DVD database would be complete without including as many vital pieces of information as possible about each movie. WinCatalog lets you log all the basic details, such as the title, cast, summary and MPAA rating, along with more advanced details, such as the region, aspect ratio, release year and special features. However, it doesn't let you enter data for these fields yourself like you can with programs that give you the most control, only automatically.

If you have questions about or issues with the software, you can reach the company by filling out the simple online form on its website. Though it doesn't have any tutorials or a knowledgebase as support resources, as the other software manufacturers do, it does have a pretty detailed features page on its site, which should be able to answer some questions for you.


While WinCatalog 2015 lacks some operating system compatibility and a few minor features, it is decent software overall in how it performs and what if offers. With additional features such as a loan manager, multiple ways to upload video information, and a few options for backup and security, the software's unlimited database capacity helps you organize your movie collection without breaking the bank.

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