Pros / You can use this program for far more than copying DVDs. It has tools for converting, customizing and creating new DVDs.

Cons / Compressed copies have noticeable video quality issues that could distract from the viewing experience.

 Verdict / DVD copying is only part of 123 DVD Copy – the program's true value is the expansive nature of its toolset.

Editor’s Note: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) forbids circumventing copy encryptions contained on commercial discs. The DMCA makes no exceptions for circumventing these encryptions for personal use. Top Ten Reviews does not endorse piracy or any other illegal activity.

123 Copy DVD Gold is more than just DVD copy software. It's a multifunctional DVD toolbox that allows you to make exact copies of your movies, convert them into video files you can use on nearly any device, archive a disc's ISO file and build new discs from scratch. These abilities earned this program the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for best DVD copy software.

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Copy Tools

The interface of this software is a bit more complex than the other products on our lineup. This is because it has tools not just for copying DVDs, but also converting them into video files for your smartphone, building new DVDs from the ground up, creating data discs and more. It will take you a while to master all the tools in this software, but it's well worth the time, given how useful they are.

Almost all commercial discs are protected with anti-piracy encryptions that prevent copying. 123 Copy DVD requires you to download and install a decryption plugin before it can copy these DVDs. The software makes the plugin easy to find, and you only have to do it once. After it's installed, you can make new copies of all your DVDs.

Making an exact copy of a DVD takes a particularly long time with this software. In our tests, it took this software nearly an hour and a half to make an identical new disc. This is the longest copy time in our review. However, if you're compressing a DVD to fit onto a smaller-capacity blank disc, the copy takes about half an hour, which is one of the shortest copy times we recorded. So, if you need copies quick, use the compression option.

This program also gives you the ability to save a DVD's ISO file to your computer. An ISO file is essentially the blueprint of a disc. You can use this file to watch a DVD on your computer without the physical disc or even a DVD player. It also gives you the ability to burn new copies of the disc long after the original is gone. This tool is an excellent way to digitally archive your DVD library.


If you want to make an exact copy of your DVD, you must use a dual-layered blank disc (DVD-9). These discs are large enough to contain all the content of a commercial DVD without quality loss. If you use the smaller-capacity DVD-5, the software compresses the ISO file to fit. This causes significant quality loss in the new disc.

When we inspected the compressed copy created by this software, we noticed pixelation and compression artifact in the video. It's not a huge problem, but it's especially noticeable when viewed on a large, high-definition TV. If you want a cinematic experience, you need to use the larger-capacity blank discs.


Sometimes you don't want to make a full copy of your DVD. This program allows you to make a movie-only copy of your disc. This option copies only the feature presentation of a DVD and leaves everything else off. You also have the ability to pick which content to copy to a new disc. These tools are great for tailoring your copy to fit your individual needs.

This program has far more than DVD copying tools. It's a DVD utility program that you can use to convert your movies into video files that you can sync to your smartphone, tablet, gaming system and more. It also has the ability to build new DVDs from scratch, make data discs and even burn music CDs. You can use this program for nearly any DVD-related task you're likely to have.

Help & Support

If you have any questions about this program, you can consult its website's support options. You'll find a knowledgebase with articles on every tool in the software. There are also video tutorials that walk you through the interface step by step. If you need to contact a support specialist, you can either submit a help ticket through the company's email ticket system or use its live chat service to get an immediate answer to your question.


123 Copy DVD Gold isn't just DVD copy software. It's a versatile DVD toolbox that can not only make copies of your DVDs, but also convert them into video files, build custom discs and more. All these tools combined make this product one of the best DVD copiers and well worth its price tag.

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