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    Fair use laws in the United States allow individuals to duplicate copyrighted material that they own for personal use. From tapes to CDs to data-storage devices, consumers backup endless quantities of songs, video, images and documents. Legal opinion is a little fuzzy when it comes to copying material from commercial DVDs. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 and court rulings since then have done little to clear up the confusion. As it stands now, it is illegal for software developers to circumvent technological measures used for DVD encryption, although it is legal to copy encrypted DVDs that you own. Whatever the law might be, this article does not condone copyright violation or try to provide legal advice. However, it is safe to say that to rip encrypted DVDs, you need to have DVD decrypter software first.

    How a DVD Decrypter Works

    A DVD decrypter is software that circumvents the disc’s Content Scrambling System (CSS) code. It does this by creating a mirror image of a DVD’s data. The data is then stored as a large, single ISO image file. DVD burning software compresses this huge file into a usable format. Consumers can load the copied material onto whatever platform or device their DVD ripping software is capable of supporting. For instance, you can create a 1:1 (a mirror of the original) conversion of a DVD or a file made for digital data devices. Depending on the software you use, the process can be anywhere from somewhat easy to monumentally complex.

    DVD Shrink is a freeware application that is sometimes incorporated into a decryption software package. Reportedly, any version of this program beyond is likely a scam version. Among other things, the software allows you to copy a dual-layer DVD onto a single-layer disc. It does this by compressing ripped data and allowing you to delete unwanted content, such as foreign language versions and trailers.

    DVD Decrypter Software

    The original DVD decrypter software is called, fittingly, DVD Decrypter. Complicated and cumbersome, this software is not user friendly by any stretch of the imagination. Although the DMCA outlawed DVD Decrypter, you can still download it online. However, other, easier-to-use DVDs copying software is now available. Some make the entire process of ripping and copying encrypted content a nearly seamless operation.

    At TopTenREVIEWS, we've reviewed the best DVD decrypter software applications. The top three DVD decrypting software applications are DVD Cloner, CloneDVD and Corel DVD, and all three share common, valuable traits. They are all components within software suites that contain DVD copying and burning tools. Good DVD ripping software needs to be easy to use and able to convert files to multiple audio and video formats. There’s a huge amount of freeware and paid software for DVD copying and burning available. Just know that it ranges from very good to junk to outright scams. Shop with caution by researching software before you buy. Remember to keep up with copyright laws too; these laws will likely change ... eventually.

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