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DVDFab 9 Review

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PROS / DVDFab's simple interface and strong features make it one of the best programs we evaluated.

CONS / Slight color distortions may be noticeable on large HD televisions.

 VERDICT / After familiarizing yourself with the list of features, copying a perfect DVD will be a breeze.

As of March 2014, this product is no longer available in the United States.

DVDFab 9

DVDFab offers customers an amazing list of features for any DVD copy software. DVDFab has a built-in CSS decryptor, supports multiple languages, removes region codes, retains or omits bonus material, restores defective or scratched DVDs and supports most configurations.

The downfall? Older versions of DVDFab used to include the option of converting mobile devices in the software package. The standard version no longer offers this function, however. The option to convert movies for iPod, PSP, Zune and various cellphones has not disappeared from DVDFab, but it has had an additional price tag slapped on it. You can download DVDFab DVD Copy or DVDFab Gold to use this converting feature.

DVDFab DVD Copy includes seven DVD copy options including full disc conversion, which offers the option to compress a standard DVD-9 to blank DVD-5s. DVDFab allows you to retain or omit bonus material on the movie, restores defective or scratched DVDs, supports menus, and more.

Some of DVDFab's features are not found in many products including: the ability to retain or change the region codes, the ability to remove the CSS encryption, episodic DVD support (e.g. Alias) and the ability to write data, not just movies, to a blank DVD.

DVDFab is very easy to use and to navigate. The buttons are simple and clearly labeled. We found that, because DVDFab includes so many features, it might be a little intimidating to the new user, but after you take a few minutes to get used to the settings, the DVD copy software is extremely user friendly.

We found that DVDFab’s default settings will work just fine for those wanting simple copies, but for those who like to add more features to the DVD like the special effects or movie menu but are not exactly sure which specific titles to keep, simply double-click on the title names and your scenes will appear in the lower left-hand screen. This is great for those customizing their copies.

We compressed a DVD-9 to DVD-5 and saw very little distortion. Our biggest complaint is when we noticed some color bleeding around bright letters on a dark background. This is most commonly seen in the opening or closing credits. Had we not been looking for problems, however, we would not have even noticed. Keep in mind that, if you do have a large HD television, these bleeding distortions may be more apparent.


Overall, DVDFab DVD Copy is an excellent DVD copy software option. It is a very easy program to navigate, giving customers great options to choose from when customizing their DVDs. Once you become familiar with the program's various options and functions, you will have no problems backing up your favorite DVDs.

DVDFab 9