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    In today’s digital world, many Americans own several electronic devices that they like to use to watch movies. However, when you buy a DVD, getting that movie onto your iPod, iPad or other portable media player can be a menial, time-consuming task. You have to seek out the best paid or free DVD copy software for the particular type of conversion format you need, insert your DVDs into your computer, rip the DVD and then possibly repeat the whole process, depending how many movies you want to convert and which electronic devices you want to use to play your movies.

    However, a new bundled product you might not even be aware of comes with almost every new DVD or Blu-ray disc you purchase. It’s called Universal Digital Copy, which is a digital copy of the movie on your DVD or Blu-ray disc that you can download to your Mac or PC and transfer to almost all devices that are compatible with iTunes and Windows Media Player. This makes playing movies on multiple electronic devices much easier than using multiple software conversion tools.

    A Universal Digital Copy download is in a universal format that automatically works with whichever device you want to use to play your new movie. The Universal Digital Copy is something you own, just as you own your new DVD or Blu-ray disc, and as long as you legitimately paid for the physical disc, it is legal for you to transfer your digital copy onto your other electronic media players.

    You may have recently purchased a DVD or Blu-ray disc and not even been aware that you have access to a Universal Digital Copy. This is because the digital copy is not something tangible that you can hold in your hands. Rather, it’s a download code on the insert of your DVD or Blu-ray disc. However, activating and accessing your universal digital rights is easy.

    The first step in obtaining your Universal Digital Copy is to insert the DVD or Blu-ray disc into your Mac or PC. Then you select iTunes or Windows Media Format. Next, you enter the activation code enclosed in the insert of the physical copy of your movie disc. Then you can redeem your digital copy, which downloads to your computer. At this point, you can follow the instructions to transfer the digital copy to any number of devices that are compatible with iTunes or Windows Media Player.

    It’s important to note that to access your digital copy, your Mac or PC must meet minimum system requirements. The requirements for Mac users are iTunes 7.6 or later and Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later; if you use QuickTime with iTunes 8.0, you'll have to upgrade to QuickTime 7.5.5. For PC users with Windows Media Player 11 or later running on Windows XP or Vista, the latest Windows service pack is highly recommended. Alternatively, you can use Windows Media Player 10 or later running on Windows XP 32-bit version or Vista, or iTunes 7.6 or later. If you need help accessing your Universal Digital Copy, the creators of this concept recommend contacting Apple or Windows support, depending on whether you’re a Mac or PC owner.

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