• What's New in WinX DVD Copy Pro?



    WinX DVD Copy Pro is DVD copy software designed and released by Digiarty Software, an online software-development firm. The product is only one of many, although the company itself tends to focus its energies in many of the same areas. For instance, the same firm also markets a Blu-ray decryptor, an iPhone ripper, an HD video converter and a DVD-authoring application.

    While most of these products have more or less the same goals in mind (that of converting one form of digital media into another), they're each unique and useful products in their own ways. However, of most concern to us is the crown jewel of Digiarty's product line: WinX DVD Copy Pro. An application advertised as being able to beat any competitor on the modern-day DVD converter market, Digiarty spares no expense in promoting its constantly updated and upgraded application.

    In fact, a new release of the software was released earlier this year. It included a number of useful new features designed to make the application more user friendly and all-around more effective. Certain features were improved, while others were added – all with the goal of making WinX DVD Copy Pro as efficient as possible.


    WinX DVD Copy Pro has always been fast, and this latest version is certainly no exception. If anything, its already incredibly fast ripping and burning time has been slimmed down even further. Full-length movies that would normally take at least 60 minutes for any other DVD copy software to process can now be done by WinX DVD Copy Pro in as few as 12 minutes. The application's latest version is able to do the same length of film in about 20 minutes, meaning that the developers at Digiarty have managed to cut the software's rip and burn time almost in half.

    It should be remembered that these times are subject to change. They are at least partially dependant on your own computer's CPU and DVD driver speed. However, if time is a critical factor for your DVD burning needs, then this is obviously a good product for you, whichever kind of computer you use.


    While Digiarty has always prided itself on its products' ability to meet a variety of customer demands, the company has raised the bar. WinX DVD Copy Pro now has the ability to copy files directly to a hard drive, a USB flash drive or even video-game consoles like the PlayStation 3. Any film file can now be copied from the DVD into a single, convenient MPEG file that can be played in most DVD players, computer media players and game consoles. The universal nature of this feature makes it very useful for those who have many different ways of viewing media. Since more and more people own multiple viewing devices, this feature is almost essential for a DVD ripper.

    These two features comprise WinX DVD Copy Pro's most compelling and useful features, but there is a host of other useful and versatile features that are available with the purchase of this software. It's worth mentioning that the application is currently for sale at only $35; between its speed, its versatility and its low cost, Digiarty has provided the market with an excellent new competitor.

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