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**Hero DVD Player has officially been discontinued by the manufacturer. For a top-notch, up-to-date DVD player program see our review of PowerDVD .**

Hero DVD Player, produced by HeroSoft, is an average DVD player software product. With improvements to the support system and easier navigation, this program has the potential to become an excellent DVD software player.


Hero DVD Player offers a variety of convenient features ranging from parental controls to choices of several amusing skins-("skins" is a term that defines the "look" of your player. Your DVD player can reflect a sporty soccer theme, for example.)

The control panel is self-explanatory and offers a built-in sound equalizer, allowing you to adjust the base and other sound settings to suit your specific taste and speaker system.

The program installs both Hero DVD Player 3.0.5 (to play DVD files) and General Hero DVD Player (a trial version that will allow you to watch just 5 minutes of a DVD.)

Options & Settings

We had several difficulties when we tried to play actual DVDs using this program. Although the program claims to have the ability to play most DVD formats, we were only able to play and watch DVD files in Hero DVD Player 3.0.5 by selecting VOB format (Video Object Files). This annoying quirk makes Hero DVD challenging to navigate if you don't have prior experience with DVD player software.

An even bigger problem-we could not get the program to play an actual DVD disk. Hero DVD Player 3.0.5 will only play DVD files. This means that in order to play your DVDs you must copy them to your computer first. This is not only inconvenient, but also deceptive for a program titled "DVD Player." Most DVDs are encrypted with technology that does not allow the user to copy DVD files to their hard drive without breaking the laws.

When we were finally successful in getting the trial software version (General Hero DVD Player) to work, the DVD video portion only played for five minutes while the audio continued. This failed process was frustrating and must be sorted out before we can recommend Hero DVD. DVD players should play a newly-inserted DVD by default, instantly.

Help & Support

Hero DVD Player has very good picture quality; the clear, sharp picture made our PC movie viewing enjoyable.


Although Hero DVD Player produces good video and audio quality, the player is too difficult to use to rank among the highest ranked competitors.

If you are interested in purchasing a DVD player that is simple to understand, convenient to use and costs about the same as Hero DVD Player, refer to our homepage for a detailed list of DVD Player features and side-by-side comparisons of software products.

Hero DVD Player 3.0.7 Visit Site