Pros / The ease of use is very high.

Cons / The interface has an outdated feel.

 Verdict / eBook Maestro PRO provides functions and format capabilities that help you make high-quality eBooks. It is a great choice for eBook software, even if it looks slightly outdated.

eBook Maestro PRO is both an effective and simple eBook creator. Although it doesn't appear to be as advanced as other applications at first glance, the software provides function options that you won't find in other applications. eBook Maestro allows you to upload your work to the web where it is protected by a password so only authorized users can make changes. It also allows you to create branding for your eBook as well as create a trial period for your readers. 

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In addition to password protection and branding capabilities, one of the functions we found most useful in this eBook software is the link to ready-made HTML pages. This is especially useful for users who are unfamiliar with creating their own pages. The downloadable HTML templates includes prepared pages for a plain eBook, an eBook with a sliding ad rotator, an eBook without a left panel, a fine eBook, a TreeView eBook, a volume eBook, a gallery with slideshows, a gallery with thumbnails and more. This feature allows you to make an eBook quickly and professionally.

The toolbar at the top of the window houses icons and headings that will allow you to create a new eBook, open an existing book, and save or compile a newly created eBook. Overall, the application is well designed and very easy to use. Each of the features and capabilities that the site offers is easy to find and navigate through. However, it does look far less advanced than some of its competitors, and it would be easy to look at this software and dismiss it as outdated.

The application window opens to the General Settings of the eBook maker. This page provides a designated space for each piece of information you want to include with your eBook. The options include information such as eBook Name, Author Name, Homepage, Contact Email, Reviews/Awards Page, Copyright HTML String and Miscellaneous URL. You simply add your own information to the corresponding field. The entire application is created to be this user-friendly no matter what step of the process you are engaged in.

Format Capabilities

This eBook maker offers a number of formats that extend beyond those the typical eBook creator provides. You can use eBook Maestro Pro to make educational materials, albums and picture books in a digital format.

What also makes eBook Maestro PRO so useful are the different ways to structure each eBook format. There are so many ways to display chapters, and they are set into each template for you to fill in. This software provides useful structure and easy access to various formats.

Supported Files

Publications made with eBook Maestro PRO can be compiled with several different file types. Each of the usable file types are easy to upload and place in the book. The only files with which it is not compatible are the LIT and PDB files. Even though it is slightly disappointing not to see all of the file types available, this is still one of the only problems with the software, and you can use pretty much any other file type. If you do need those file types, you might consider using Atavist. But if you do choose to use eBook Maestro, once the book is ready to be compiled, eBook Maestro can create either an EXE or EBM file.

Help & Support

eBook Maestro PRO provides a large amount of help and support. On the company website you'll find a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to create an eBook from scratch, as well as a user manual you can read online or download. Both of these documents are clear and very easy to understand and use, so they are especially useful if this is your first time creating an eBook. There are animated demos, lessons and articles, a support form to reach a representative, and a What’s New page. We found each of these resources equally helpful and informative. There's also a short FAQs page that offers basic information about the product.

If the information online doesn’t help you with what you need, you can email a representative. Each time we emailed the company regarding the application, we received an email addressing our questions within 24 hours. The representatives we interacted with were polite and understood the product.


eBook Maestro PRO serves as a gateway between you and the digital publishing realm. Once your eBook is compiled you can upload the data and content to the application, customize the size of your project and publish your creation. It’s a great choice for eBook creators because it not only has the basic features a lot of users search for, it also provides features that enhance the quality of your eBooks.

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