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Pros / Ebook Maker was very basic and easy to use.

Cons / The application provides very limited features and only basic tools.

 Verdict / The application was reliable, easy to use and basic for new and advanced users.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Ebook Maker is an eBook software application that is very clean and provides only the basic features users would expect. It is simple to navigate and easy to use but didn’t make a lasting impression on us in regards to functions and abilities that set it apart.

All users of the eBook software will appreciate the basic features provided by Ebook Maker, and for some it may be all they need. The fundamental features that can be found while creating an eBook using this application includes: password protection, trial periods and customizable features. With this application users will be able to create usernames and passwords to access the eBook. Trial periods allow authors to grant viewers access to your eBook for a limited time. Customizable features offered include: a splash screen, book size, position and more. The application provides everything a user needs for eBook creation.

Ebook Maker is able to compile the same basic file types that other desktop publishing applications provide. With abilities to compile test, graphics, video, music and cascading style sheets, there will be little that an author won’t be able to add to their book. The application also allows each user to customize their eBook compression speed and quality, ultimately determining the disc space and bandwidth needed for download.

The application was very easy to use and easy to navigate. The application window had a menu across the top of the window and a setting menu down the left side of the window. Each icon was labeled with the function of the tool, and that was extremely helpful as we created our eBook. Located underneath the Project Settings menu on the left side of the page was a Task List. The tasks were all labeled with the icon of a blue circle encompassing a question mark. This symbol is used to navigate users to the help guide. We didn’t understand why the tasks were marked with this icon because clicking on them navigated us to the creation page, not to a help link. Despite the interesting choice for icons, the application was clean and well designed allowing users the ease of simple navigation and clearly labeled options.

Without the large number of options available for users to receive help & support AntsSoft provides all that you will need. . Through their website we were able to access their online help. The link provided on the page opens up a new window that is divided into sections labeled Key Benefits, Key Features, Working with Ebook Maker, Using EbookMaker and Registration. Complete with screenshots, the online help outlines the Getting Started steps in a 1, 2, 3 format. Screenshots are used to further explain the program in other areas but are described generally instead of outlined step by step. The same guide is found through the applications Help button located on the top toolbar. The information provided throughout the guide was a great asset in getting started with the program and creating an eBook while utilizing the tools they provide.

In addition to the online help, AntsSoft, the creators of Ebook Maker, provide a Frequently Asked Questions page; however, there are only four questions listed and they pertain only to purchasing and installing the application. The contact information they provide through the Contact Us link found at the bottom of the page provides a helpful option. They offer an email address for users to contact them with inquiries regarding the product. We sent out multiple emails regarding basic product questions and received a response for each inquiry within 12 to 24 hours. Their representatives were able to answer all of our questions and were very friendly and knowledgeable.


Despite their best efforts we didn’t feel like this software was a choice product for several reasons. Although it was easy to use and provided basic and necessary features, the Ebook Maker application was limited in its abilities and design. There are definitely better products on the market that will give you more for your money when you purchase eBook software

Ebook Maker 2.1 Visit Site