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Corel PhotoImpact X3 Review

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PROS / Corel PhotoImpact X3 has over 200 templates you can use to add elements and designs to your photos.

CONS / The software has a limited selection of illustration tools.

 VERDICT / While the software has a variety of photo-editing tools, including over 50 filters and 200 templates, it lacks several illustration tools, which limits the type of designs you can create.

Corel PhotoImpact X3 has several tools that help you create your own graphic design. In addition to the variety of brushes to choose from, you can also create your own custom brushes. You can adjust the weight, color and opacity of the brushes to create the exact one you need for your design. Likewise, you can add gradients or alter the opacity of your colors, photos and text, as well as add 3-D effects.

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To ensure accuracy with your designs, the graphic design program has a grid you can use to help align one object with another. You can also use the text wrapping feature to arrange your text as close to an object as possible. Unfortunately, the software does not have custom guides or snap-to alignment, which both help when arranging objects.

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The graphic design software has a limited number of illustration tools. In particular, it lacks vector tools. Without a pen tool, vector brushes or a vector-tracing feature, the software narrows down what kind of design you can create with it. It also lacks Pantone swatches and tablet compatibility.

While the graphic software has limitations with its illustration tools, it has an array of photo-editing features. The program includes a large selection of font styles to choose from, as well as photo filters and templates. With over 500 font styles, 54 photo filters and 200 templates, you can add numerous combinations of elements and design to your images.

Corel PhotoImpact X3 lacks some editing tools. It does not have content-aware scaling or automatic lens correction. While these features significantly help you edit photos, the software has a variety of other tools to help. With color correction and noise removal, you can adjust your photos to show a higher image quality, whether by fixing the lighting or removing grain from the image. You can also use mask tools and perspective-based editing to manipulate and fix your images to appear as you want. With batch processing, you can apply the same effect on multiple objects within your project. This feature saves a lot of time. If you find that you made a change you no longer like, you can use the history log to find it and reverse the change.

In addition to the editing tools, the software offers some advanced photo-effect features you can use to create a variety of designs. The software has the capability to create animated GIFs. It also has panorama merging and HDR imaging. With these two features, you can alter your photos and create vast and colorful images.

The best graphic design software displays a clean interface that is easy to use. PhotoImpact offers such an interface with tools that are easy to locate, and you can even alternate between two different workspaces. For quick edits, the software has the most common editing tools available on the screen to help you quickly adjust an image. Otherwise, the software has a standard workspace that displays all of the tools and access to all of the program’s capabilities.

The graphic design program has a strong support base. The software has in-application support to help you while you are editing. Otherwise, you can access support forums and video tutorials on the company’s website. The website lists email, phone and live-chat contact options as well.


Corel’s PhotoImpact X3 offers a variety of advanced photo-editing tools and capabilities. While these tools help you create stunning images, the number of illustration tools significantly limits your ability to create graphic design.

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