Jukebox software is more than a simple media player – it can turn your personal computer into a virtual jukebox. You can download one of thousands of media players to just play your music files, but you want more than what you can get from free jukebox software, so we weeded out the plain jukebox programs. We chose jukebox software that lets you organize your music files, edit titles and artist names, and present your music collection by album covers so you can quickly choose a song based on visuals, just like with an actual jukebox.

You can read all about what these digital jukebox software titles can do for your PC here and in our articles about jukebox software. The only thing that could make your digital jukebox more authentic would be wood and chrome details on your PC, some fluorescent lights and a Wurlitzer label.

Best Software to Turn Your PC Into a Jukebox

If you’re looking for digital jukebox software, you want to emulate an actual jukebox. You want to make it easy to browse through your music files, seeing your music with album covers and artist names, not just file names.

The best jukebox software for turning your laptop or PC into a visual music player is easy and fun to use. MediaMonkey Gold is one of the best options for anyone looking for a jukebox emulator. You can choose songs by browsing album covers or using an advanced search option. Virtual Music Jukebox offers a realistic jukebox interface – especially if you have a device with a touchscreen – so you can sift through music files as if you’re using a jukebox in a bar, pool hall or diner. ZenPoint MusicCenter is another option that not only looks like a jukebox interface, but also lets your guests choose songs that get queued up on a playlist.

MediaMonkey Gold

Ventis Media’s MediaMonkey Gold is digital jukebox software with an easy-to-use interface that makes organizing any size of music collection a snap. Immediately upon installation and setup, the program automatically goes to work identifying and organizing all music files in sight. It handles important tasks such as tagging, searching and converting file formats with ease.

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Best Jukebox Software for Organizing & Editing

Before you can get the party started with your makeshift jukebox, you need to make sure it’s well organized. If you love music, you likely have a mixed collection, from different genres and file types with some CDs thrown in. Good MP3 jukebox software not only lets you edit files and ID tags; you can transfer your CD collection to your PC and create playlists.

Virtuosa Gold is jukebox software that lets you rip your CDs, so you can extract all of that music you purchased years ago and digitize it. Blaze Media Pro also lets you digitize your CD collection, and it plays a variety of music file types, so you can play more than MP3s. If having clean identification tags – complete with song titles, album names and covers, artist information, and genres – is important to you, you want jukebox software like Ease. It also lets you rip and record CDs, so if you create the perfect road-trip playlist, Halloween track set or other ideal playlist, you can record it directly from this software.

Virtuosa Gold

Virtuosa Gold by FunVibes is a jukebox program that plays music and video files, rips and burns CDs, and supports an unlimited number of playlists, making it great software to help you DJ your house parties. Virtuosa also includes playlist management, as well as audio editing and mixing.

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Best PC Jukebox Software for Karaoke

Jukebox software is primarily used for playback of songs you own. Many software titles allow you to do even more, though, like play videos, which is perfect for karaoke. To make it easy for you to turn your device into a karaoke machine, you need software that includes video playback and easy browsing options. Additionally, your guests should be able to read the lyrics as they sing their favorite songs.

At least two titles are great choices for a karaoke party. Jukebox Jockey plays music, video and karaoke files, and this video jukebox software works with touchscreen devices. Your guests can easily sort through your collection and choose the song they want to sing. Virtual Music Jukebox not only plays music files, but also video – and you can follow along with song lyrics on your screen, which is especially necessary for a successful karaoke party. You can also sort your music collection in this software by artist or album name, or assign a number to your songs to make it easier for you or guests to find specific songs.

Jukebox Jockey

Jukebox Jockey is more than a media player. In fact, it is jukebox software that can do even more than a traditional bar-style jukebox. It supports several file formats beyond audio – it plays video and karaoke files too. It can help you organize your music library and then help you entertain a crowd with its visuals and easy-to-use interface. Your guests can easily queue up the songs they want to hear.

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Choosing the right music makes a huge difference in the success of your party – whether it’s you or your guests picking the playlists. The best jukebox software can help you set the tone of your party, make it easy to choose the right song at the right time, and let others make requests with just a swipe of a touchscreen or click of a mouse.

Even if you just want jukebox software for your own personal use, these programs give you the control you want over your music collection. They allow you to organize and catalog your music files, digitize your CDs and play back all of your music with the details you'd expect to find on a real jukebox.