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MediaMonkey Gold Review

Ventis Media’s MediaMonkey Gold is digital jukebox software with an easy-to-use interface that makes organizing any size of music collection a snap. Immediately upon installation and setup, the program automatically goes to work identifying and organizing all music files in sight. It handles important tasks such as tagging, searching and converting file formats with ease.

MediaMonkey plays CDs and supports most of the popular audio file formats, including MP3, MP4, OGC, WMA and FLAC, and you can easily convert from one format to another without loss of existing tag information. You can access most of the software's functions directly from the startup screen. Many features are accessible via a toolbar, and there is a familiar tree-style file manager pane for organization of titles and searches. Straightforward player controls are located on the main screen. You can toggle between various views or alter the sort order of playlists with a single mouse click.

MediaMonkey can manage music collections from small to those of more than 50,000 files. You can organize, browse and search music by genre, artist, year, rating, composer, or even classifications such as tempo or mood.

MediaMonkey quickly and easily locates missing tag information online, and it renames and reorganizes tracks as needed. It can find missing details automatically through external sites like Amazon, Freedb, CD-TEXT and AllMusic. A file monitor is available that can update your music collection automatically to reflect changes, such as when you download new files. Additions, deletions and changes made by other applications are automatically reflected in your library.

MediaMonkey includes several options for creating playlists. You can mix them manually, using drag-and-drop functionality. Alternatively, the software can automatically generate playlists based on your search criteria. There is even an Auto-DJ feature that creates a mix for you. Playlists remain as created even when files are renamed or retagged.

MediaMonkey supports a variety of portable devices. It can sync with iPhones, iPods, and most MP3 players and smartphones. It can adjust volume levels automatically, and a built-in equalizer provides plenty of options to customize the sound to your taste. Also available are a variety of DSP (digital signal processing) plugins to add a variety of audio effects.

With the software's party mode, your guests can actually make requests at the PC. MediaMonkey adds to the effect by providing visualizations during music playback. If the built-in effects aren’t enough, there are hundreds more available to download on the MediaMonkey website.

The look and feel of MediaMonkey is completely customizable with skins, scripts and plugins. You can use scripting interfaces to edit the MediaMonkey user interface, customize features, and even integrate the navigation tree with external applications. You can also develop custom skins. An artwork forum is even available for creative users to share ideas and work.

MediaMonkey Gold offers a great deal of flexibility and functionality in a simple digital interface. It is easy enough to use for beginners and powerful enough for the most ardent music collector. MediaMonkey Gold makes it easy to organize, tag, search, or even copy and convert music.