Digital Innovations’ jukebox software, Virtual Music Jukebox, is full of eye-pleasing features and has an intuitive interface. Not only does it have all the standard playback and playlist functionality, but this digital jukebox software comes packaged with a simple and fun interface that brings the look and feel of a genuine jukebox to your desktop.

Virtual Music Jukebox has a fullscreen option that completely hides the desktop, providing an even more realistic jukebox look. If you own a touchscreen device, you’re in luck: The program fully supports it, giving you and your party guests the option to navigate and choose music with simple touch commands.

The interface is almost completely customizable. You can create a variety of skins, and free skins made by a community of users are available for download. Font styles, color and sizes can all be edited within the skins. Visualizations are also available that further enhance the experience. Virtual Music Jukebox has several built-in visualizations, and you can also create your own using the handy Visualization Editor. The Button Editor allows you to create and customize your own product buttons. Mappable function keys give you the option of creating specific keyboard shortcuts. You can display song lyrics, either in fullscreen or next to the album art of the title being played. With dual monitor support, you can even display the controls of the interface on one monitor and the lyrics on another.

Searching for songs is easy and flexible in this jukebox software. You can sort by album, artist or number. Intuitive jukebox-style controls on the screen allow you to browse or select specific track numbers. Playing songs is as easy as selecting them. The Select All feature even allows you to play an entire album.

Virtual Music Jukebox only supports two of the most popular audio formats: MP3 and Windows Media. Since there is no function for converting file types, if you have files of different formats, you will have to first use another product to convert files to MP3, WMA or WMV for video files.

Virtual Music Jukebox's interface provides a true bar-style digital jukebox experience. Navigating your music is a snap, and you can do it using the keyboard, mouse or even arcade-style controllers. With album artwork or other images displayed, you or your guests can flip through album collections. Album artwork can be scanned in or downloaded from online sites.

Virtual Music Jukebox is straightforward and easy to use. Music files must be arranged in a specific folder structure to display properly and for you to create and manage playlists. However, there is a menu option within the program, complete with step-by-step assistance, that enables you to accomplish this task. Once the initial setup is complete, routine tasks are simple to perform. Five primary menu options provide access to most of the program’s functions.

Virtual Music Jukebox is fun digital jukebox software with fullscreen support, an on-screen keypad and visual browsing of albums. With all these features, it neatly transforms your PC into a realistic-looking digital jukebox.

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