Mac drawing software has many uses and is accessible to all skill levels. If you like to sketch as a hobby or are a graphic designer looking for a professional tool, Mac drawing software can fit your needs.

When we looked for drawing software for Mac, we focused on products that imitate the real experience of drawing, giving you a variety of tools to choose from to create lifelike sketches. This eliminated software that only lets you create images that are clearly digital, like Paintbrush.

Our guide of drawing software for Mac highlights programs that have strong features and tools for artists. Some have customizable brushes, and others offer shape-builder tools to make custom shapes. Still others give you the ability to create vector images, which you can resize without causing blur. Whether you're an amateur or professional artist, you can enjoy using drawing programs for Mac. You can create digital portraits and landscapes, impressionist pieces, classical artwork and more. They're a great tool to help any user develop their creative talents. In this buying guide you will find standouts for beginners, kids and professional use.

Best Software for Beginners

Not every program on our lineup is easy to use or recommended for beginners. Since many programs are for professional use, some drawing software for Mac can be extremely complicated. However, Artboard from Mapdiva is easy to operate and still offers powerful drawing tools.

Artboard’s tagline, "Simple. Powerful. Fun.", is accurate. The layout of this software is easy enough for beginners to understand, but it has enough depth that it doesn't feel limiting. Artboard offers a layout similar to Adobe Photoshop’s, with design tools on the left and right and the image in the middle. It gives you room to grow as you learn some of the advanced tools.

Even better for beginners is the Artboard user guide. This guide provides simple step-by-step instructions. Each piece of the guide includes detailed images of the software so you know exactly what tools and tricks are being explained. With its familiar layout and advanced user guide, Artboard is a good tool for those looking to jump into the Mac drawing app world.


Artboard by Mapdiva is Mac drawing software that offers ample features, tools and usability components to help you create any artwork you want for personal and professional purposes. You can make simple graphics, paintings and drawings. The software is relatively simple to use, with a clean interface and dozens of backgrounds and layouts.

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Best Software for Kids

Mac drawing software is an excellent tool for children. It helps keep them entertained and develop their artistic ability with none of the mess of real paint. While our recommendation for children, Autodesk’s SketchBook, has many advanced tools, it offers a simple layout and numerous features that children are familiar with.

SketchBook is great for kids because it offers a fully functioning mobile drawing app. This app turns your tablet’s screen into a canvas, letting your kids draw with a stylus or their fingers. As it's a mobile app, your kids can doodle no matter where you are. The app includes a full set of brushes, pencils and colors to keep kids entertained. Additionally, the app works with Android and iPhone, so compatibility isn't a problem. There is even a specially designed SketchBook app for classrooms.


The Sketch Mac drawing software helps you create professional artwork, whether you draw and design for the web or other purposes. This vector-based drawing program works with layers on a canvas and prescribed shapes that you can manipulate.

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Best Software for Professionals

Mac drawing software is used in many professions, like graphic design, home and landscape design, animation, and illustration. Made With Mischief is a powerful sketching and drawing tool for any artistic profession. This software is designed to be simple, so you can open the application and begin drawing right away. You can import the images that you create to image processing software like Adobe Photoshop for next steps or final touches.

More than other programs, Made With Mischief is built to closely mimic the real experience of drawing with pen and paper. Branded as a “concept art tool,” this Mac drawing app offers an infinite canvas, meaning that you can keep drawing on one canvas forever. You also have an unlimited brush palette and color palette, and you can create custom swatches.

Something to keep in mind when purchasing Made With Mischief is that it only operates on Mac desktops. It is not compatible with mobile devices like iPhones and iPads.

Made with Mischief

Made With Mischief is Mac drawing software by The Foundry. As soon as you download the program, you can begin brainstorming your artistic ideas. This program is not as advanced as some of the other Mac drawing apps, but it does recreate the experience of drawing with a pad and paper.

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Help & Support

Even the best Mac drawing software is worthless if you can’t use it to its full extent. Mac drawing apps should offer user guides that help you teach yourself to use the program. Beyond that, you should be able to get in contact with the company via email, telephone or live chat.

Many Mac drawing software companies also host user forums on their websites. User forums are a great way to interact with other drawing enthusiasts, learn new skills and display your artwork.

Hardware for Mac Drawing

To make the most of drawing on your Mac, you need the right hardware. Obviously, a Mac computer is the first step, but you shouldn’t stop there. For the most effective and complete digital drawing experience, consider purchasing a graphic tablet. These tablets let you create high-end images because you can draw directly onto their screens and they are pressure sensitive.

Drawing software for Mac should have a simple user interface. It should be intuitive and flow smoothly, with useful tools to foster and enhance creativity. Mac drawing software can become an extension of your arm, helping you create digital masterpieces. Our buying guide is designed to help you find a Mac drawing software for your needs. To learn more about Mac drawing software, read our articles here.