REAPER brings MIDI and audio production efforts to life with its simple but powerful tools and features. This is standard MIDI software – its interface, features, tools and various functions are available in other MIDI and audio production programs, with a few key exceptions. REAPER is small in file size, and it features writable Javascript MIDI plugin functionality, as well as side-chaining for mixed audio and MIDI tracks. These features are available in dozens of audio production software programs, but seldom are they seen in a program that takes up so little space on your computer.

Although its interface leaves something to be desired, the organizational tools and features in REAPER are excellent. The MIDI color-customization features are impressive and take much of the stress and guesswork out of MIDI composition and sequencing. Combine this with other features, such as the JS MIDI plugin capability, and you have the makings of a surprisingly powerful yet simple, customizable MIDI sequencing and composition engine. The side-sequencing function also provides you with a means of properly stitching MIDI and audio together without the typical confusion and destructive effect, thanks to the modulated parameter feature and top-notch processor.

While the interface response time for region editing has some lag, REAPER manages to pull off both simple and complicated editing tasks. With multiple editing modes, as well as automated features to keep all the threads together, it helps you clean up any recorded or pre-recorded mess, while leaving the necessary notes and breadcrumbs to help you understand exactly how you got there and how, if necessary, to get back to where you were.

Essential to all MIDI and audio production functions is the support of various MIDI and audio file formats, controllers and hardware types, not to mention the native program architecture. REAPER's architecture renders various audio and MIDI file formats, line-in hardware, and instrument sources and plugins in a reliable manner.

REAPER's interface isn't the most visually impressive, but the tools and features are intuitive enough that confusion and squinting are kept to a minimum. Its hyper-customization features make it possible to do more than change a few skins, move a window or even save a preset parameter. In fact, you can customize the color of MIDI events by speed, channel, pitch or source. You can also name pitches, conceal unused pitch rows and create custom keyboard shortcuts for MIDI editing. This doesn't always facilitate the overall production process, but it does simplify and expedite the tedious little tasks and functions of MIDI production and sequencing.

REAPER is a MIDI program that takes up little computer space. It also offers plugin functionality, lending it a versatility that is painfully absent in some MIDI and audio production software.