SmartScore is MIDI software that offers a high-powered suite to notate instrumental input within a well-organized, feature-rich interface that makes the finer points of sequencing and editing a simple affair. It can render MIDI input in standard musical notation (staff line) as well as TAB, with built-in compatibility that lets you print or export finished compositions or output them directly through another device.

While SmartScore's features and capabilities make it possible to use in live settings, it's generally better-suited for studio production and arrangement. The push-button scanning feature enables you to edit scanned sheet music and even play it moments after scanning. Key/clef transposition and part extraction elements speed up the editing process while keeping the piece structurally intact. Other features, such as auto-drum grooves and karaoke instrumentals, fill in the blanks while you add suitable elements.

SmartScore's scanner-input compatibility makes it an instant ally of songwriters and musicians. You can scan existing compositions in tab or staff line to change, edit, rearrange or even transform existing music. The scanner type and optics quality often improve or impede the potential of these features, but overall, SmartScore does well for itself, even with all-in-one printers that include scanners, albeit with far less accuracy and fidelity than flatbed scanners.

This MIDI software lets you keep text unbroken from a scanned sheet or add lyrics to your original compositions. This is another feature that makes SmartScore a good MIDI program for use in schools, churches and other spheres.

SmartScore not only scans existing scores and translates instrumental input with high fidelity, but recognizes complex structures, including repeats, segnos, coda signs, cross-staff voicing, ossias and grace notes, expanding its potential beyond simple MIDI composition and sequencing to the complexities of full musical scoring.

The interface has a breadth of tools and features to record instrumental input quickly and edit with precision and detail. It also includes familiar MIDI features like a piano roll and event list. There are a few features, however, that deserve special mentions. Error Check allows you to see problematic measures instantly and make the necessary changes without overhauling the entire composition. Flexible score displays let you view multiple pages simultaneously, or even view scores continuously in a horizontal scroll that shifts in time with the measures. These different score displays allow you to view scores with varying focus to expedite the overall editing process.

In SmartScore, you can scan sheet music, including lyrics, to edit. SmartScore can also import and export MIDI Type I and II formats and even publish directly to an audio CD.

SmartScore manages to strike a balance between ease of use and complexity of function. The interface and workflow is the center of its focus, so you can customize your workspace and workflow to suit your needs. Even if you're untrained or inexperienced in MIDI software, you can make use of advanced features that might not be available or possible in other programs.

SmartScore offers nearly everything a musician or songwriter could ever want or need in MIDI software. Its tools and features are strong, and its interface is clean and easy to use.

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