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MP3 Software

Why Use MP3 Software?

Most computers come with built-in MP3 software such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. However, the music management software we reviewed has better features and more flexibility than built-in media players. In addition to organizing your music and syncing it to mobile devices, the best MP3 software has search features that go beyond just searching your music files. You can search the internet and online music databases to find information to complete the tags that accompany your music files. The best software stores the tag information with the files, even when you transfer them between devices, so you don't lose any information you've found and associated with your song files. This type of music organizer software allows you to adjust sound quality and convert files. It is compatible with a variety of file formats that include MP3, WMA and WAV.

If you're tired of music library software that isn't as flexible as you'd like it to be, then you need to read our MediaMonkey review and those for Winamp and jetAudio. These are the products we found to be the best MP3 software available. For more information, you can read our articles about music management software.

MP3 Software: What to Look For

When you are looking for the best MP3 software, you'll want something that offers the most organizational flexibility. If you have a truly large music collection, being able to find the songs you want right away is the best reason to use this type of software. Additionally, you'll want music management software that makes completing other tasks efficient. Here are the categories that we found are most important to consider when you purchase music organizer software:

Music Management
This section pertains to how much control the MP3 software gives you to fully manage your music library. Related features include automatic file sorting into relative categories and the ability to edit and tag files, search for and change album covers, and browse the internet through the software to find missing file information. An additional feature that comes in handy is a conversion tool, which allows you to convert files from one format to another. Other important features are support for portable media devices, add-ons to supplement the default application and recording technology, among others.

Music Player
It's important to identify how the applications allow users to manipulate the sound. Additionally, the best MP3 software allows you to create playlists. Another helpful feature is a DJ/Party Mode, which keeps people from altering your settings.

Help & Support
Even if the MP3 software is easy to use, it's nice to have additional help available when you need it. You can usually find basic help and support online or through email, but the best companies also offer phone support and even live chat with a representative. Another feature we looked for is software that has multiple language options.

Ease of Use
From download and installation to music management and burning discs, MP3 software should be intuitive. With the right combination of interface elements and comprehensive features, even powerful software doesn't need to be complex. The interface must be easy to navigate. More than just flashy skins or visualizations, the software's interface should add to the usability of the application.

The last thing you want to hassle with is your music collection. With the right MP3 software, you can quickly customize it to meet your needs and depend on it to keep your files and tags organized and safe, whether you're using it to sync playlists with portable devices or to provide ambiance for a party.