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Pros / The database this MP3 software offers is search friendly. You can add lots of information to the file tags, and the search feature can scan that information to find what you're looking for easily.

Cons / This music library software is more complicated than other similar products. To use CATraxx, you'll most likely need to spend time reading through the help and support information.

 Verdict / CATraxx lacks basic features you'd expect to find in MP3 software, such as music controls when you minimize the application. Additionally, it doesn't have an intuitive interface.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

CATraxx has many database fields that allow you to add specific details to each file's tags. However, this MP3 software lacks common features such as an equalizer and party mode. Additionally, the software isn't intuitive and has weak tech support.

Music Management
You can keep track of specific information in the database fields with this MP3 software. These databases contain information about the artist, albums, tracks and so on. CATraxx creates links automatically between artists and their albums. The database for this music management software also allows you to link to websites and text files. This music library software's file tags store lyrics, artist profiles, album art, pictures of the artists, reviews, personal notes and more. The database helps prevent file duplication.

This MP3 software has a search feature and enables you to set customized filters to find specific files quickly. CATraxx uses information from Gracenote, which is a song-information database, to complete your music's file tags. This music collection software offers a variety of add-ons. One feature that this MP3 software lacks is the ability to convert files to different formats.

Music Player
You can manually select the tracks that will appear in a playlist. You can also create a playlist based on filters such as tracks with a specific producer, album credits and website links. However, CATraxx lacks equalizers, visualizers, DJ/Party modes and skin options.

Help & Support
FNProgramvare provides FAQs and a forum for CATraxx. There's also a help menu built into this music library organizer. We couldn't find an email address for tech support.

Ease of Use
CATraxx is not an intuitive application. The first time you open CATraxx, you'll probably be lost. Unlike most music organizers, the depth of this software requires you to spend time in the help section.


CATraxx has a good database with specific data field options, so you can search with extreme precision. Unfortunately, CATraxx lacks some important features, including equalizers, visualizers and multiple skins. CATraxx is best suited for those who wish to organize a massive library of files that contain many details in the file tags; however, we would have liked to see this MP3 software offer more standard features.

CATraxx 9.35 Visit Site