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J. River Media Center is MP3 software that helps you keep track of audio and video files and images. You can also listen to the radio online through this software. This music management software automatically scans your hard drive for compatible files, but it doesn't discriminate regarding which files it gathers and where it puts them within the application, which means you’ll have to organize them by type later. However, it does automatically update your library when you add new files to your computer.

J. River Media Center is compatible with some portable devices, including iPods, SanDisk players and Creative brand products. It has an integrated tool that allows you to search online for album art and lyrics. This music organizing software allows you to edit the tags that accompany the files.

For the most part, the program is easy to navigate and operate. It has in-depth filtering and search features through its Database Expressions. One task you can use this for is finding album art for all your music. The only downside is that it can take some time to learn how to use the Database Expressions feature.

This software has DSP Studio and playback options. These allow extreme sound customization, including eliminating silence between tracks and altering how quickly tracks fade out. This music organizing software also has party and jukebox modes, and you can create playlists with this MP3 software. J. River Media Center also provides Smartlists, or auto-generated playlists. These Smartlists only contain eight filters, though, which include filters for top-ranked songs and recently imported files.

A neat but impracticable feature is the 3D Albums filter under the Audio category. This allows you to browse through 3D renderings of your album covers and to click-and-drag them to organize your albums' cover art. If you hover over a cover, it will revolve like a block.

You'll find the most help through the manufacturer's forum. The forum has FAQs, a knowledgebase, links to other sites and a center for developers. There's also a wiki where you can upload your own tips, tricks and solutions if you want.

J. River Media Center is effective music management software. You can organize, edit and play music from this MP3 software as easily as you’d expect. It offers unique features, such as a 3D album art filter, that you can’t find in other music player software.