jetAudio is music collection software that provides recording capabilities, and this MP3 software is compatible with 57 file formats. When you initially scan your computer for media files, jetAudio automatically puts music files in one area and video files in another. This music library software has links to music resources online such as YouTube, and Amazon.

The recording feature in jetAudio lets you run the audio trimmer or audio mixing recorder. It has an encoder and timer, as well as an equalizer, silence detector, volume control, and high- and low-pass filters. However, the equalizer and silence detector are part of a recording extension pack you have to purchase as an add-on. You can also purchase a special sound effects pack.

You can set jetAudio’s alarm, so you can take a nap while listening to music or watching a video. JetAudio offers three skins so you can change the interface’s appearance; however, you can download more online.

With jetAudio, you can add reverb, cross-fade tunes and adjust the playback speed. This MP3 software offers BBE ViVa Effect to help you create a wide sound with your music. You can rip and burn with jetAudio. Regarding playlists, the application offers a long list of management options. You can manually create a playlist, or you can listen to the auto playlists, such as '80s Music.

This MP3 software doesn't offer as many visualizer options as some of the applications we tested. If you use the Windows Media Player visualizer, you'll probably recognize the patterns, transitions and progressions. You can download visualizers online if you want additional choices.

jetAudio's website provides an assortment of support options that include live chat, email, FAQs and a forum that discusses troubleshooting, suggestions, site feedback and more. We couldn't find a help menu in the application, which is frustrating. The software comes with nearly 200 language choices. The internet radio has stations in Chinese, Russian and Dutch, but most of the content is in English.

The interface appears straightforward, but it's not as simple as it seems. Some of the buttons' designs aren't intuitive. To learn their purpose, you must hover your mouse over the buttons. Additionally, there’s a hidden menu when you right-click near the top of the window.

jetAudio provides a media player, file compatibility for nearly 60 formats, recording features and more. The interface isn't as simple as you’d expect because the buttons aren't clearly marked and at least one menu is hidden near the top of the screen. Still, this MP3 software has features that aren't common, which are great additions, such as the automated playlist and recording tools.

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