Magix MP3 Deluxe is music management software that offers a variety of features to help you organize, play, edit and convert your music files. You can also listen to internet radio through this MP3 software.

As with most music players for your computer, Magix MP3 Deluxe can play your music collection, but you get some neat extras with this program, such as the ability to highlight your favorite songs as you listen and they’ll be marked as favorites. Then you can turn those selected tracks into a Favorites playlist. When you’re managing your files, it’s nice to have the full screen of the software so you have access to all of the menus and your music. When you just want to listen to music while you work on something else, or just browse the internet, you can do that with Magix MP3 Deluxe’s mini player that hangs out in the background of your computer and has simple functions to play your music.

If your music collection is a mixture of audio files, you can use the software to convert your lower-quality files, like WAVs, to MP3 or AAC for better sound. Additionally, you can add to your collection by ripping your favorite CDs, and Magix MP3 Deluxe automatically pulls the album covers and title information.

When you’re tired of listening to your own music, you can use this music management software to tune into thousands of internet radio stations to find new material to entertain you. You can also use Magix MP3 Deluxe’s music editor to add effects, remove pops and hisses on tracks, or simply cut silence or long solos.

This program offers couple of features that aren’t found in every music player for PCs. You can use the program to find music that’s similar to your favorite tracks in your collection. You can then create a playlist with those similar songs or burn a CD through the music software. Magix MP3 Deluxe makes it easy for you to transfer your tracks or playlists to your smartphone or tablet so you can take your music collection with you. You also get a sleep timer with this software so you can drift off to sleep while listening to your music, and after a set amount of time, your music stops and your PC shuts down.

Magix’s website includes several video tutorials to teach you how to get the most of out its music management software. You can also contact the company by phone on weekdays, and you can find FAQs, tech support and a knowledgebase on its website.

Magix MP3 Deluxe is music management software that’s a good alternative to iTunes because it makes it easy for you to transfer your music to any device. It includes fun and convenient features such as its similar track finder, sleep timer and internet radio options.