SoundTaxi is MP3 software that will convert audio and video files. It does a good job at this, but it has few other features. Although you can't listen to music in playlists, you can rip CDs and YouTube videos. Additionally, when you convert files with SoundTaxi, you can remove digital rights restrictions so that you can put your songs and videos on your iPod or other MP3 player device instead of on just one or the other.

When you start the application, it will open a window where you can choose which files you want to convert. The common toolbar (e.g., File, Edit, View, Format, etc.) does not exist within SoundTaxi. Instead, this MP3 software has a row of nine large buttons: Select Files, Remove, Play Original, Convert, Play Converted, Copy to iPod, Burn, Settings and Help.

When you convert an audio or video file with this MP3 software, it preserves tag information such as the artist, track number and album. SoundTaxi provides a plugin that allows you to rip YouTube videos, but it only works with Internet Explorer. However, SoundTaxi isn't like other music database software because it doesn't have a database.

When you convert files with this music organizing software, you can determine where to store the file on the hard drive. You can also create subfolders for each artist. In this way, SoundTaxi can organize all the converted files.

This program can play the original files before you convert them. It can also play the converted files once you're done. However, this MP3 software doesn't play songs in the same way a music player would, with playlists and other features. It converts music but doesn't work as a music player.

SoundTaxi's help section's search function doesn’t always work, but the FAQs section online includes several answers to commonly asked questions. You can also find a knowledgebase on SoundTaxi’s website. This MP3 software has a section on its website called Tutorial and Screenshots. Here you can watch about two minutes of instructional video. It's not much, but it can give you basic information on how to convert a file. You can also contact SoundTaxi through its online form.

As conversion software, SoundTaxi is a good choice. One thing it can do in the conversion process is remove DRM limitations so that you can use your files on a variety of devices. However, many other applications handle conversions just as well as SoundTaxi MP3 software; plus, they have additional features you'd expect to see in music database software.

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